Saturday, May 21, 2011

Developed the Disposable Camera Today

that we sent them in the care packages.
And gracious the cuteness that was awaiting me.

Check it.


Hold on a second.


What is that my sweet asian babies are inhaling?
He can't even seem to remove it from his precious little face long enough for a photo op.

That's better.


Never mind.


That is one brave nanny to highly caffeinate all of those children.


  1. OMGosh!!! Sonia I know you see our girl in these photos!! She was telling us that she drank Pepsi quite a bit in China!

    Thanks for sharing!! Love to have more missing pieces to her life before joining her forever family!!

  2. I love the pics! The children look happy and energetic (due to the caffeine - haha)!! They are dressed in bright colors and smiling!

    They are so different than the pics I have of Sam's orphanage- they were so depressing and sad.

    Honestly I was sad for many days after seeing them and couldn't even share them with the kids until I felt stronger. They too- have no desire to look at them.
    Our other kiddos loved their pics and want to look at them over and over again...

    SOOO so thankful they are home! Yours and mine!

  3. Oh My Goodness they are so cute!
    My son was just crazy for warm pepsi! We had to slowly switch him to clear pop, then juice and water! Still won't go near milk.
    Krista D