Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Future.

I dunno....

But if you want a look at our present here was my house yesterday.

That's 11 boys.
In case you were counting.
Is it wrong that this didn't even slightly phase either one of us?
I think we were born for this.
I'm just sayin.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Oh, how I hope my house is the place for all my boys and friends to hang out too, when they are almost teens. Alough I am not sure we are cut out for it like you and your DH seem to be, my DH would freak!! I really enjoyed following your journey to your boys and have been stalking you ever since. So just wanted to say Hi. Kristi

  2. Oh my word! Look at your living room full of BOYS! :) What a cute picture! They're all just chillin'. :)

  3. I LOVE this picture. And look at them,...all calm. :) You are such a good "kool-aid" mom!

  4. All boys, I don't know about, but you were definitely born to be a momma for sure! I have loved your last posts--really touched my heart. The love for your children is just so inspiring...I really do admire you!

  5. God ness look at all those boys! Your one good mama to have 11 boys in your house at once! (:
    Happy Sunday~

  6. We must have been sisters separated at birth!
    Love it!
    All those boys. And being the gathering house!

  7. ~Ha~ I actually counted because I was thinking that didn't look like 11 just didn't seem like that many! The more the merrier we say!

  8. Awesome! :) Looks like fun (most of the time)... :)

  9. Love it!! ...and yes, I was counting! I love having a house-full of boys! We only have half as many, full time but always have a few extra!!

  10. That's great!! I had seven kids here on Sunday, and loved it :)
    Here from Sunday Snapshot.

  11. Did you feed them all? Because that might have emptied your bank account. But...oh so worth it! Great picture. And I think you were definitely born for this!