Friday, May 20, 2011

If You Adopted a Child From China

don't buy these and expect any of your Asian sensations to want to eat them.

It's Thai food.
I've learned
is definitively
not Chinese food.

There's a difference apparently.
A big, big, transcontinental difference.

And though I personally would never, ever make such a stupid rookie mistake ~ ahem ~ I just wanted to warn those who might....
cuz I'm thoughtful like that. 
Your quite welcome.

I have to go now and find a friend that adopted from Thailand to pawn these things off on. 

The adoption rook


  1. My bio children like these, but Ivy does not. I even like them a bit.

  2. I have now been warned...LOL

  3. Grace loves dumplings but NOT dumplings from the frozen food section of your local grocery store. Her little 20 month old palate knows they are not good! :-)

  4. This Asian expat Mama is ROTF!
    I love my Chinese cuisine ... and my Pad Thai!
    But no ... they are culinary worlds apart!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  5. My little guy is from Thailand!! Too bad we weren't closer! Love the faces...I guess they really know their cuisine!

  6. Got some sittin' in my pantry. Collecting dust. Ya know THAT's the kind of info they ought to put in the required reading for international adoptions. Just sayin'...

  7. Hahaha! Nope, I'd never make that mistake (~wink~)!

  8. LOL! They're probably not Korean either so I'll avoid those... ;) Thanks for the kind warning.

  9. Grace and Lily (both from China) love these! Jadon(also from China)...not so much. But, Adam (bio.) and Yana (Ukraine) are pretty crazy about them, as well. :)

  10. That's hilarious...but it must be more of a personal preference thing, because Shaling loves them! We buy them in bunches at the store. SHE is the one the picked them out.