Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big GIGANTIC Important Question For You

Alrighty peoples.
I need your wisdom.

First off I will ask that you not take this lightly as your response will forever govern the future of my mothering abilities
or lack thereof. 

I do try to keep this blog as fun and uplifting as possible.....it's how I roll.
But in this I am going to need your utmost serious consideration before you respond.



Question: If your child is swimming in a chlorinated pool everyday after school how many days can we realistically skip the shower?

All summer long?

Fellow mutha's. I need your feedback.
I do believe this warrants a poll.
So vote! Vote today!
Your country, our very nation and our county health department is counting on you.


  1. I"m not sure how your boy's skin reacts to the chlorine, but my skins drys out really bad if i go with out showering after i get out of the pool. Then again that's just me, so i'm not sure how it is for your boys (: The most i would choose is one day lol

  2. Well, aren't you lucky that I just conducted my very own field experiment on this very subject. Having just returned from an entire week (that would be 7 days) at the beach, with our very own private pool (that the boys swam in everyday, like 8x/day), I believe I can fully testify to the fact that the only shower they got was (insert drumroll)....the day we left.
    And only then because they discovered that the master suite had some ginormous size of a small living room, 8 person shower with 3 shower heads and they wanted to slip and slide inside the aquarium like shower "room." Oh, and once I believe they "bathed" in the Hot Tub before going to bed. I'm not saying I'm going to win Mother of the Year, I'm just giving you the facts, mam. Good luck with the poll!

  3. Ummmm, maybe once every week or two?
    : )
    This is too funny! I've never thought to ask what other's do! Great question! We, too have a pool in our back yard and honestly, unless we have a wedding or something like that.....the pool is my kids' bathtub.

    Is that gross? I guess I never really thought about it!!!
    I would say your motherly bathing duties have been put on hold for the summer. : )

  4. We have a pool and live near the beach (and rinse off after getting out). In my book, a dip in either counts as a bath/shower. Given that "rule" my boys might get a real "shower" once or twice a summer.

    That is unless their hair looks so bad that I make them take a shower just to wash their hair!

  5. as many times as they get in the pool but most def Saturday night showers are mandatory, can't stink going to church to worship now can we?

  6. I fully think that if you rinse their hair with a garden hose once a week to prevent the green, they may never have to shower in the house again:) Tracy

  7. I agree w/ rambling mother...on Sat night so they're clean for Sunday. ;-) We're about to find out around here...I have 4 boys and we're trying to get our pool in order. Keep us posted!

  8. Chlorine probably kills more germs than soap...I'm going with all summer, unless their hair starts to turn green, then maybe you will have to wash it every once in a while.

  9. I grew up shampooing in the lake all summer long....so unless they stink or start to grow science experiments between their toes I think they are safe to go awhile!

  10. OK, you will hate me for this.... I would shower them everyday, honestly. I think it was how I was raised.

  11. switch out the pool for a lake and I would shower them before they go to school at the end of the summer....

    The chorine kills my skin and dries out my hair - but that's just me.

    We spend the month of July swimming at a near by lake - and one year I realized that the kids hadn't bathed all month.... yea I felt gross for them, for a minute, and really feel better after reading the responses to your post .... (Shhhh, don't tell LauraJonesJournal)

  12. If you're using sunscreen shouldn't you shower frequently to get rid of sunscreen residue? Personally I would have the kids shower every 2 days...just to scrub their bodies and make sure they're squeaky clean!

  13. Totally agree...end of the summer! LOL

  14. Whew!
    My boys are the cleanest in the summer time! glad you all agree
    Now my girls w/ long hair need the chlorine rinsed out...but you know what?...get a pitcher of clean water and rinse...viola! clean girls too!

  15. having grown up in a backyard pool...and with 3 kids on swim team...for me it is determined by the hair. i do put a bit of detangler on all the kids and away we go. the boys have longer hair and it turns to straw...pool=bath at our house.

  16. Considering I am a swim coach, I feel like it would just be wrong NOT to comment on this topic. :)
    Here is my situation: I am in the water 5 days a week, 4 hours at a time and 2 of my children are in the water, 5 days a week, one hour at a time.
    We are still in school so baths are more frequent. HOWEVER, in 2 days when summer is officially here, this will be our pool to bath ratio: 5:0. :)
    I would put lotion on them before bed though. The pool water can make them feel itchy or dry.
    And that's my 2 cents.