Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Tactic.


Seat UP.

I figure it's 8 that require seat up
and 7 that can't seem to remember that
and only 1...
uhhh that'd be me.
that require seat down

So I am surrendering.
Surrendering to the testosterhome that I reside in. 

The default position will now be seat up.

Boy mom's across America unite!
I just may have solved our life's biggest challenge.

your friend Sonia
pee-pee cleaner upper

I'll be sure to let you know how this turns out.


  1. And the cute tree next to the pee pee holder? LOL

  2. Oh I just hope my hubby doesn't read this post........

  3. Bwahahahaha!!!! Cracking me up! :) You have get another female in that house! ;-)

  4. Laughing out loud!!! HA HA HA HA HA! I can so relate, although I am not surrendering just yet.

  5. SHH, don't say that as an option, All my boys still sit to pee, if they find out this option, I am doomed, yes even hubby sits (but he has a medical need too, as it empties the bladder better, who knew?) Sitters make much less mess.

  6. Too funny! I'm out numbered 5 (well 4 since little man's not potty trained yet) to 1 but I won't go down w/out a fight! ;) I actually have trained my boys since they were little to just close the lid. Helps keep toddlers out of the toilet too!

  7. Finally coming out of lurkdom to say I assumed my five year old boy would someday grow out of forgetting to put up the lid and missing the toilet... but it looks like there is not much hope :-( Thanks for letting me follow your journey. Your blog helped inspire our own journey to China... that is if I can get through all of this paperwork process :-)

  8. Brilliant! way to problem solve given your situation! And a good situation it is!

    Another way to problem solve would be to adopt 8 girls!

    Your choice!

  9. With four sons ... why I haven't I surrendered? Brilliant!