Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This & That & That & This

This I have no words for
He's 14.
It's all I can say.
Which I guess will also explain this

The contents of which include:
  • A poweraide
  • A quart of ice cream
  • Box of Nilla Wafers
  • Goldfish
  • Oreos. 
50% of which I wrestled out of his hand and put back on the shelf. 
I am now questioning my mothering skills or lack thereof
and subsequently
his ability  
or lack thereof
to survive once he leaves our home.
Good thing I still have a few more years to work the kinks out. 


is one of just a few pictures of all 7 of them that I have
it's taken with my camera phone....
because both of my memory cards for my real camera are somehow "locked"
and I have no idea what that means or what to do about it.
Goog to the le tells me to slide a tab over
but there is no tab
so my camera phone and I are besties of late
whilst my nice camera and memory cards sit idly by mocking me with their photo potential. 

This sweet face spent a day with these attached to him this week.

He did great
until I had to take them off.
And that tape?
Is very sticky.
Just so you know.

He cried.
I bought him a yogurt parfait.
And we moved on with our life. 

I think heart surgery was less painful than that tape removal.
Just sayin.

These are socks I found shoved into the couch.

That I find disgusting.
7 boys people.
7. B.o.y.s. 


is a very cool cake that was on Army Wives on Sunday.

I watch Army Wives.
Don't judge me. 

It's an ID card for Finn.
He turned 10.
Which is when military kids get their first ID card.
It's kind of a big deal to these kids....
though probably not to Finn...
cuz, ya know....he's just an actor and all.
But nonetheless....the cake?
Wicked cool. 

This is Jack and me
Jack and I
I and Jack
It's me and him.
Him and me...
oh hush. 

This is Joshua

whom I found sound asleep under the futon in the middle of the day
for no particular purpose or reason.
He's been doing that lately.
Cute for sure,
but weird.

This is Jacob
and his first time flying a kite.
Love that. 

This is Connie.
Nurse Connie to be exact.
She is Joshua's nurse.
And what I would have done without her the last few months
....I know not.
She is one incredible lady. 

This is a sweet 6 year old boy that really, really needs a family right about now.

A post all about him is coming to a blog near you very soon.
Because I am not above begging or jumping up and down screaming,
"Don't you understand?! He will DIE without intervention. Please, someone help him!"
I have no shame when it comes to such things.
He deserves it.
He deserves more. 

And that
that is all I have.
Tomorrow is a big day for Joey.
I don't expect to know anything for a few days
but when I know
you'll know.
Because I like you.

The end.


  1. Loved your "this and that". :) I'll be praying for Mr. Joey!!! :)

  2. Oh friend, how I love your boy surrounded, stinky sock hiding, milk jug drinking, randomness! And your great big heart., And your ability to wrestle food from a teenager in the middle of the store. And . . . just you! Some day I'm a gonna come meet you in real life person!

    Praying for your sweet Joey boy,

    Love from Texas,


  3. Thank you. For this. And that.

  4. That's alot of information!
    1. get your camera fixed!
    2. Love seeing Joshua smiling- it makes my day! Sorry he cried after the pic!
    3. I wish I lived in Florida!
    4.Saying prayers for JOey!
    6. Me too, disgusted with the socks in the couch. We have them growing there too. Our JOhnny is like 3 teenagers in one- yikes!
    7. God bless you as they all get older
    8. there's more to say but for now I'm done!

  5. Dang... I forgot 5!
    5. Get Joshua a bed!

  6. I would bet Joshua is having a growth spurt now that his heart is repaired, and that is why he is sleeping more. Just a hunch, but I know we have seen crazy growth after heart repairs.

    On the socks in the couch (or just on the floor or the missing mates ... ) yeah. BOYS. I have just four of them (well 5 if you count my DH who might leave socks out too sometimes), so I can't imagine 7 sock culprits. :)

    Jean is cracking me up here too. Just saying.

  7. I can't get past the picture of the boys. SEVEN BOYS. That? Is a whole lot of boys.

    You're my hero.