Wednesday, April 18, 2012


we are on day 3 of Operation Seat Up.
And folks,
I haven't sat in pee in 3 days.

And all God's people said,

This was what was in my kitchen this morning eating breakfast.

No big deal?

Hold on.
Let me zoom out.


And less you think it's just the 14 year old.
Here is the 15 year old.

15 was sound asleep last night after taking his brothers chair after 14 unplugged his fan.

This is my life. 

I just picked this up.

And haven't put it down.
If you need me I'll be cooking.
Granted, I'll also be 300 pounds....but darnit I'll be cooking.

This man

has a habit of being in and out of our home.
Flying all over creation saving the world
....or something like that.

What he fails to do however...
is remember to turn off his automatic alarm clock before he leaves.
Hello nice to see you.
This has not caused any marital tension at all.

This is my new favorite kitcheny thingybobber.

It's a chork.
Part chopstick.
Part fork.

This is Joshua.

Climbing a rock wall.

This is Joshua 7 months ago.
In China.
When sitting at a table to eat dinner was too much for him.

I have no words.

That's bout it for today.
I have nothing on the schedule for today
other than dishes
and laundry
and vacuuming
and cooking dinner for these fools I live with
ok well.

Catch ya on the flip side.


  1. wow-- that picture of joshua is AMAZING!!!!!!!
    and so-- the question is-- have you mistakenly sat on the toilet without first putting down the seat? cuz that would be me-- with a rude surprise..;)

  2. I was thinking last night as I almost sat in the water bowl - you need a girls only bathroom!

  3. Chork, dude that is the best thing ever! Ps; i kidna stole your picture to post it on my facebook and twitter so i can enlighten people about the wonderful thing called a chork. Now just to find me one so i can use it! (:

  4. I never thought about eating horizontal! I might give that a try!!!

  5. You crack me up! No wonder God gave you LOTS of boys cause you've got a great sense of humor! I'm sure you've learned to roll with the punches. No word other than AMAZING and Thank You Jesus for the new life that Joshua has. Happy cooking . . .

  6. can't wait to read Pioneer Womens new book....LOVE HER. I will join you in the 300 pound room when all is said and done. She doesn't pull any punches, she tells you upfront that nothing is low cal. She is my hero in the kitchen. About the pee thing....can't beat em join have truly won the battle my friend. Josh is beyond amazing....TWO DIFFERENT CHILDREN! So glad about how everything is going. Please pray that the answer be CLEAR if we are to adopt or not. Thanks

  7. GO JOSHUA GO! Oh Sonia, I think back to the days of praying Joshua home (after praying for God to please keep him alive, 'til he could get there), then the trip home (oh Lord, please let him survive the long trip), the testing (please Lord, make his heart "fixable"), the surgery (let him survive and thrive), post surgery (THANK YOU Lord! Can we get a smile outa that pink lipped little man?) . . . The smiles came! The healing came! The strength came! The thriving is HERE and now in front of us! Oh thank you Lord for so very many answered prayers for Joshua John, and for his family. I am in AWE!

    And the chork is pretty cool too.

    But, Joshua. WOW.

    So proud of that tall little man. So honored to be a witness to his miracles!

    Love you girl! Good job on not "fallin' in" with the new "seat up" program!

    Oh, and the teenagers. I like to think of them as character builders. They make us try harder. :)


    Tina ~ xo

  8. Chork. I need one. And how bout a "HALLELUJAH" for Joshua!! What?! PTL!

  9. I still love your posts and how much they make me laugh. Whoever is in the room is often staring at me, so I have to share the funny parts :)

  10. Yeah for Joshua, so great to see! I love your posts too! Encouraging.
    We are waiting for our approval of a little guy who turns 5 on the 26th. Would LOVE to chat with you sometime on this (older boy adoption). :)

  11. Sonia, I just love your posts! You crack me up and also make me feel like I'm not the only one w/ crazy all boy stuff! :)

  12. You are so wildly entertaining. Great to see Joshua doing so well too. Oh -- and let whoever the Cardinal fan is know just how incredibly SMART I think they are.

  13. Yeah, HUGE praise for our God! You crack me up. Give your John Martin a hug from the JBUGs. We do love him so!