Thursday, April 12, 2012

Survery Says.....

He's good!

His ventricle is indeed big
it's not getting any bigger.
And those pulmonary veins that they couldn't quite make out on the echo?
All where they belong.

So the theory is that his ventricle was swelling from the excess volume it was in-taking when he had not yet had his ASD repair in China. When they patched it and his other defects, it cut off the additional it now it's just big...but not getting bigger.

Basically they now think it has been this big for most of his life it's just that no one knew this before because homeslice has had no cardiac follow up care post surgery as an infant.
Only they didn't call him homeslice....they called him Joseph.
They are quite professional about things like that. 

Raise your hand if you are ridiculously excited about this news

Can I tell you that when she was talking my whole spirit just kinda took a deep breath.
I didn't realize how slightly on edge and nervous I was for what might be coming his way.

on the other hand
had no idea what was going on other than all these nice people wanted to see some cool pictures of his heart.

He charmed the staff

he did really well with the anesthesia

and John and I had sort of a date in the hospital cafeteria whilst we were waiting for him.

Hey, we have 7 kids.
You gotta do whatcha gotta do.

When we got home my ridiculously sweet friend Julee

brought us dinner.
Which just speaks to my heart.
...and the heart of this teenager who couldn't wait to dig in.


All in all
a GREAT day.



  1. So glad you got good news! He's a cutie!

  2. Sonia . . that is such amazing news!! Praise Him!

  3. Sweet!!!_

  4. Rejoicing in Him for homeslice and you!!

  5. My hands are lifted with a Hallelujah for "homeslice" and our Heavenly Father!
    WOO HOO!

  6. Praise God for his wonderful grace and mercy! Love the previous post by the way.

  7. Congratulations on the fabulous news!

  8. My hand is raised high! (just don't stand too close to me cuz a shower hasn't yet been a part of my day in the picu today...;)). Glad for your good news!

  9. ONLY GOD!!!!! Praise Him!
    (Your kids are ridiculously brave, by the way.)
    Please give my little guy a big hug from Granny Donna.
    Loves to all...

  10. Big sigh of relief and bigger shout out to GOD!!

  11. Inhale Mrs McCary- Now, FINALLY exhale! I was honestly wondering if maybe God thought you could handle more- Praise God! It appears we might still be on even ground! Both insane enough to laugh at the most inappropriate time possible!!! This makes me insanely happy! :-) I love you, sweet friend! Lori

  12. Can I just say you totally crack me up!!!! :) he he he.....oh my.

    Praying to get Michael his ID card- soon!!! WAHOOO!!!!! One mountain moved :)

  13. Your dates sound a lot like ours - squeezed in to whatever time is available. Good for you! And glad for Joseph. :)