Monday, June 25, 2012


I've gone from 7 kids this week
down to 3.


The teens are at a sleepaway, week long baseball camp.
The twins are at a sleepaway, week long church camp.
It's just me,
and the Asian Sensations. 

I had 3 kids once
10 years ago.
But then 6 minutes later we decided to have a fourth and then Jack made his appearance.

So those brief 6 minutes,
a decade ago
of having 3 kids isn't really a huge memory for me.
Could have been the drugs,
could have been the artichoke and spinach dip I was begging my husband to run out and get for me
{ummm, hello! In labor here.....and STARVING!}
Giving birth twice in one day can make you a wee bit hungry after all. 
Could have been a lot of things.

So 3?
What on God's gorgeous green earth am I to do with 3.

I slept in a bit today.
Cooked less than half as much breakfast as I usually do.
{double gasp!}
Only made 3 beds instead of 7.
Thought I should really stop making everybody's beds and make them do it themselves.
And then drove the 3 remaining children to VBS.

So here I am.
In this house.
Until noon.
In the middle of the summer.

Which can only mean one thing....

I have spent the morning sobbing over children that wait and heart babies that will die if not adopted. 

like this one
and this one

Let's just say I have been looking at children that wait.

This could be a long week.


  1. Sounds to me like you could have a very productive week...or maybe God's going to have a productive week through you. ;-) Hang on to your heart. :)

  2. Do a project you've been wanting to do, but be er had the time for. Go get a pedicure. Or...go volunteer at VBS! Why aren't you volunteering?

  3. Sounds like you should be busy getting that next dossier ready! :) I only have 3 this week, too, and it's a little quiet...even though the noisy ones are still home!

  4. On the rare occasion that I am the only one at home, I sit back and enjoy the QUIET that is so loud it is deafening.

    I hope you get to enjoy your quiet this week.

  5. You are making a difference to those children whether you realize it or not. I found both of our soon-to-be-adopted children on advocacy sites. Keep it up! And enjoy the silence! Take a bubble bath! Go get that pedicure for heaven's sake!!!

  6. I feel the same way - I was just looking at the same girls today. It just breaks my heart, but I pray that God will open up someone's heart to these very special children. These heart babies are survivors and it is remarkable at what the cardiologists and surgeons can do now.
    Praying with you!!

  7. The little gal you listed first, the one with a list of heart defects a mile long.... oh my heart. Why do I always fall in love with these sick ones, because I want to hold her and help heal her. Believing that these precious children will have a hope.

  8. I only have 6 right now.....our 3 boys are at camp with your boys :) Jason said he saw you!

    Oh, but wait our 6 are mostly youngers.....and well....a lot more work.....and our olders who usually help are this isn't really in my favor. Oh and the continuous rain so no one can go outside and get fresh air- namely ME!!!!!

    Oh week Abigail goes to camp! YIKES!!!! Then I don't have her around.....that will be scary! ;)

    Maybe I'll have to come over to your place and look at those pictures!!!

  9. Yes, you definitely need to be working on a dossier. . . .;)

  10. Sonia, can you email me about one of the photo in this post?