Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Do's & Don'ts of Disney World

Don't buy a new uber comfy pair of flip flops 2 days before you leave and then promptly forget to pack them.
Do use words like "uber" it makes you sound wicked awesome. 

Do get a pedicure before you post a picture of your feet on the internet for all to see.

Don't wear a speedo at a water park you 50 year old man you.
Just don't.

Do realize while you are at said water park that you are apparently the only person in the country that does not have a tatoo.
Nothing wrong with one...
just shocked that everyone appears to be inked but me.

Do let your kids have ice cream for breakfast one day.

Don't laugh to hard when one of them busts out a ballerina move.

Don't forget to have your fish fed for the week you are gone.
Do be surprised when they are still alive when you get home because you forgot have them fed.

Do get your Star Wars lover into the Jedi training academy.

Don't cry when you see how happy he is.
It will ruin your mascara.

Don't bother getting all gussied up before walking out the door each day.
Nobody cares.
You will get sweaty.
Nobody cares.
Your hair will fuh-reak out in the humidity 5.8 seconds after you walk out the door.

Don't bother with your eye makeup.
You have sunglasses on.
Pfft duh.
It only took me 3 days to realize this.

Don't wear a white sundress and then get soaked on the log ride.
I'm just sayin.

Do strap camel packs to each of your children instead of bringing 800 water bottles with you everyday and spend an inordinate amount of time filling them like I did.
Camel packs people.
Camel. Packs.

Do take your teenagers out on a date to see the Blue Man Group whilst you are there.

Do take your kids indoor skydiving.

No really.
It's wicked fun.

Do realize that teenagers get excited on the inside.
Not so much on the outside.

Don't say things like over and out on a video.
You sound like a dork. 

Do go to Midevil Times once in your life.

And then act like all the sword fighting and such is really, reeely neat even though you are a girl and really don't get what the big deal is and you don't understand why the heck you have to eat your entire meal with your hands. Blech.

Do go on the Pirates & Pals Fireworks Cruise.

Don't freak out when it gets cancelled because a storm rolled in.
It happens.
Roll with it.
Do, however, realize that in this picture your husband looks like he is carrying a purse.
Do make sure to tell everyone he was in fact not carrying a purse but was merely holding your bag.
Do realize that most people will still think it's a purse.
Do laugh at that. 

Do chuckle when your 10 year old flirts it up with a princess.

And then giggle when you realize you caught her mid sentence so she looks like this.

Bless her pretty little heart.
{A footnote: I have no idea who this princess is. I realize I should probably know but my ignorance is alas a product of the testosterhome that I reside in.}
Princess ID anyone?

Do know that if your children look like this on the way home

that it was an incredible week.

Do realize what a tremendous blessing this trip was to your family and especially your sweet, sweet boy after a rough year. 
Do know that tomorrow I will begin re-capping our week long experience beginning with Magic Kingdom Day 1.
Don't go on the Tower of Terror.
The end. 


  1. Is she the pretty version of shrek's wife? (I don't know her name.) Is that even Disney?

    1. Fiona. Yes, Shrek's wife and no it's not Disney. It's confusing to me too.

      And Jim and I thought we were the only two people on our generation with mo tatts. We were actually pretty proud of that. Now you've ruined it. Go get inked ASAP! Funny thing is, here in Japan you can't get into a lot of places with them showing

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  3. Thanks for the laugh!! Love it!

  4. So needed a good laugh from you Sonia.
    Loved the summary and great tips! Ha!
    Cannot wait to see the fun each day!
    No family is more deserving of such a magical trip than yours!
    Love & Blessings,

  5. Love the photos! Thanks for the tips (not that we'll necessarily be using them anytime soon, but still...)

  6. You make me smile! I love your post. You're not alone, no tattoo here. (but have thought about getting a little ladybug LOL). I'm so glad your family got to enjoy Disney. Disney used to be our 2nd home. Until we kept adding kids to our family and they started raising their prices. OUCH. But we will go back. We have SO many wonderful memories at that place.

  7. Jedi-training!?!?! Three years ago, I would've been like, what's the big deal about Jedi-training? Today, I can just imagine how my son would have FLIPPED at the sight of a jedi, much less be trained as one. and the princess is Fiona, but my soon to be 3-year-old daughter would tell you, 'Yeah, but she is SO not a Disney princess'. Bet you didn't know there was a hierarchy of princesses... ;-)

  8. Princess Fiona! From Shrek...

  9. Love this and that you got to pack so much in for that most awesome bunch of boys!

  10. No tats here either! And I wholeheartedly agree - NO Tower of Terror

  11. Just throwing my two cents in - could it be Ariel (with feet?). Where were you when you saw said princess, that might help as to who she is.

    Hope you had a great time!

  12. Great advice! Oh how I love reading your blog!!! :)

  13. The Princess is actually from the new Disney movie "BRAVE", so no she is not Fiona...Her name is Merida...she is dressed in Green because they are in Scotland. I hadn't made the Fiona connection...but that dress kind of does it....LOL...We Disney crazy here...but all girls...all princesses....my older daughter got to ride the Tower of Terror last trip and I thought it would scare her...but when she got off I quote "LET'S DO IT AGAIN...I LOVE THAT RIDE"