Friday, June 8, 2012

..In Which I Reveal What Kind of Mother I Really Am.

A couple of weeks ago Jack told me he needed new shoes.

As I am talking to him amidst the hustle and bustle of our morning routine I glanced down to evaluate.

And here is what I saw:

Sure they are a little frayed at the edges.
But nothing to write home about.

"Ok buddy." I said.
"We'll see. I'd really like to see if you can make it through the rest of the school year though since you only wear your crocs and flip flops all summer I don't really think you need new tennis shoes right now."

Ok. He says.

And life goes on.
And Jack's shoes are not
in the least
at the forefront of my mind.

Fast forward to the beginning of this week
we are heading out the door for school and I see that he is tip-toeing down the wet sidewalk.

Whatcha doing kiddo?
I say.

Just trying not to get my sock wet.
He says.

Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?

Well this.
It turns out this is what he was talking about:

And the side view looking into the hole:

Seriously people.
I may as well have sent the poor child to school barefoot.
It was that bad. 

It had apparently been like this ever since he first told me
weeks ago
that he needed new shoes.

And in the spirit of full disclosure and truth...
that was on Monday.
Today is Friday,
the last day of school.
One guess what he was wearing when he left the house this morning.


{And if your guess is brand new shoes...well then you don't know me at all.}

I'll be right here if any of you feel compelled to report me to some governing authority. 

Good thing he's a sweetie and he still loves me despite my glaring shoe related faults.
God bless him.

In completely unrelated news please check this out right here.

And meet Mr. Cutie Pants and read their other posts about how this family manages with a beautiful little girl, Sophia, who has the same special need.

Wanna be his momma? 


  1. For reals.

  2. totally. crack. me. up. LOL!!! You are EXACTLY the kind of mother I am. Exactly. But we love Sonia, we love. That's what really counts. :)

  3. Duct tape!! Heehee so funny!

  4. I must sheepishly admit to a similar situation in my house a few years ago. Except the child was in grade 2, no one told me, and I found out at the airport on the way to christmas vacation (lots of snow) that his toes were coming through the hole at the front of the shoe and TOUCHING THE GROUND in front of the shoe!!! Why would the child not say SOMETHING!!! I still don't know what his teach must have thought of me!!!

    I love reading your blog!!


  5. I have a lot of girls and they tell me if there is even a tiny scuff on their shoe- it is rather annoying! They want new shoes constantly! I am buried in girly shoes!

    Boys are much better when it comes to shoes... yours may be even too good!

  6. He he he he he.......Laughing so hard right now!!!!!! BECAUSE WE DO THE SAME THING...NOT ONCE, but CONTINUALLY!!!!!!!! whoooppsss...except since our kiddos are at home. I will say something smooth like- oh who cares you are just here? Yeah.....until we go to church and I realize you can see their socks and then I am thinking- YIKES! People are going to think we are a poverty situation- OYE! Then I panic, but it is too late because we are already walking into Sunday school!!!

    OH WELL!!!!! :) Love to hear I am not alone!

  7. I think he was using the bottoms of his sneakers for breaks on his bike!

  8. What is with the quality of shoes? We have the same problem at our house...seems like every few weeks. Hot glue fills up the holes if you catch it in time. Duct tape does not last all day. Shoe goo only works a few days. Just buy em another $10 pair at your local friendly W-mart the expensive ones don't last any longer.

  9. We really are alike. I just finally broke down after two months of seeing my 9 year old's heel hang off the back of her sandals. I am sure the workers at church probably think I have it together. :)

  10. I had the same problem with my 7 year old daughter's shoes...a hole clean through the bottom with one week of school left. She pointed the hole out to me when I turned down her request for new shoes because "we have to wear shoes so we don't step on glass, and I could step on glass in these shoes!" She is wearing $3 shoes from Walmart...they do not look like they will make it 3 more days, but they must!