Friday, June 1, 2012

Mr. Smarty Pants

Graduated from 8th grade
and was inducted to the National Junior Honor Society last week.

Do you know what it's like getting 14 year old girls to smile for a picture?
I don't either.
But it seems pretty easy.
They all seem to look beautiful at all times,
they flip their hair back,
put one hand on their hip
arch their back
and do that pose that seems to be so popular right now.

Do you know what it's like getting 14 year old boys to smile for a picture?
Let me show you.

It's like this.

and this.

and this.

until you offer them more food and then you get this.

But then they go right back to this:

Until you crack a joke
and then you finally get this:

Love this boy.

Welcome to High School Jordan.
4. More. Years.
sniff-sob-snot bugger-snot bugger


  1. Congratulations to Jordan!

  2. I am still in denial that we have a rising 9th grader. I don't know what scares me more ... the thought of "only four more years" at home (nsiff-sob-snot) or remembering my own high school years (I thought I knew everything at his age)! Congrats to Jordan!

  3. You are so funny - your posts always put a smile on my face. Thank you!

  4. So funny! Congrats on the Honor Society!

  5. That's funny! And even when they grow up they still do the goofy grin...or the no teeth grin. My husband drives me nuts with that.


  6. Keep the jokes coming...he has a very handsome smile! :)