Monday, June 4, 2012

A Post In Which I Break Your Heart

Because here are some more heart babies that need a home.

All 3 need a good cardiologist
and all 3 need a family.

So get ready to let your heart break into a million tiny pieces. 

Buckle up.
Here we go.

3 years old.
Little boy.
Complex CHD
Single ventricle.

3 years old.
Little boy.
Complex CHD
Single ventricle.

4 years old.
Little Boy.
Moderate CHD: Double exits of RV, VSD, enlarged RA and RV.

Heart issues make you a wee bit nervous?
Me too.
Here are my thoughts on that now. 

I've said it before.
I'll say it again.





Take a chance.
Save a life.
Be brave. 

If you would like more info on any of these kiddos just shoot me an email:


  1. Beautiful babies!! Do you know what "type" single ventricle?

  2. I pray that your post makes a difference to these kids!

  3. Heart breaking for sure!!!!

    Lovin these sweet babies.....

    Oh man, I need to PM soon!

  4. The first little boy has been on my heart for a year. But my husband just can't do a toddler. I adore this little boy and I hope that someone sees this and scoops him up . . . and then I hope that person will get my email and let me know how he is. By the way I just met a 29 year old woman who was born single ventricle and is doing great!!! Please keep me posted on this beautiful boy.