Thursday, June 21, 2012

GKTW Day 1

The day finally arrived.
And I
like a kid on Christmas
was wide awake at 5:34am.

Car was washed
and packed

I tumbled downstairs in excitement,
threw some blueberry muffins in the oven to bake
got some water bottles out of the fridge
and a bunch of bananas off the counter.

Kids were about 5 minutes behind me dressed and ready to roll.
We drug daddy out of bed,
I threw my portable breakfast for everyone in the car
and all 9 of us were out the door about 3 hours ahead of schedule.


We arrived at GKTW roughly 5 hours before check in
all hopped up on excitement, blueberry muffins and having to pee

Good thing they are sweet people who don't mind in the least that you show up way before you are supposed to...and immediately ask for the bathroom.

Our villa was ready so we unloaded,
I snapped some photogs and we headed directly to the Ice Cream Palace.
The kids had been waiting for this day for a long, long time.

Ice cream.

We spent the rest of that day exploring the village.
Give Kids the World is an incredible place that houses families that are in Orlando on wish trips.
The people,
the place,
the ammenities,
the ice cream,
it's incredible.

Truly, truly incredible.

We mini-golfed,

took a train ride,
drove remote control boats,

ate ice cream,

had lunch,
picked the nose of the giant tree man

played arcade games and games that we were way to old for

rode the carousel upteen times.
ate ice cream
went swimming

and ate even more ice cream.

I'm tellin ya.

Sunday night rolled around and we headed out to Disney to do the Pirates & Pals Fireworks Voyage
We checked in
got all decked out in pirate gear

got slain by a pirate

a couple of times

had good convo with another pirate

waited and ate
ate and waited
but alas me-hearty
it was huge thunderstormed rained out.
So we had our fill of pirate faire and headed back to the village whilst simulatenously trying to not get struck by lightning in the middle of that rather large storm.

Something you should know about me...
I don't so much do lightning.
So the ride back was....ummmm....super fun for me.
At some point John suggested I just put my head down and close my eyes so as not to gasp loudly every 3.2 seconds.
It didn't work.

Finally we made it back to the village
marriage miraculously still somewhat intact
and went to bed circa 10:58pm.

We have never felt more loved and welcome than we did this week.
They made one special little boy feel so, so special.

And the week was just beginning......

{Update on Joey coming soon. I be doin a lil investigatin, THANK YOU for your helpful suggestions!}


  1. WOW- FUN!!!!!! We stayed in a rental home....seriously 2 blocks from the entrance- you know one of our 3 rentals before our home. Anywho- love it!!!

    With Joey....can you get a dental check? Or a bone scan to confirm an approximate age? I know lots of kids that come home from Africa are way off on dates. They don't celebrate birthdays - at all. Most parents won't tell the right date even if they remember. Luckily our Jonathan is pretty much right on according to his teeth anyway.

  2. OMGosh Sonia . . I am going to love your posts about your trip!! I am getting so excited!! Joshua's big ol' grin says it all!!!