Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Because It's That Ridiculous

that it warrants two posts in one day.

It's 8:25pm.

And my kids are fully mostly clothed fully engaged in a wet sock war.


And to add insult to warring injury,
they are dirty socks.
Fresh off their stanky feet.

This is my life.
This is what it has come to.

Oh, and did I mention the upstairs team is using the bowl that belongs on the interior of my rice maker as their water source?
Anyone wanna come over for dinner tomorrow? 
I may serve rice.
The water is all ready to go.

Just out of curiosity,
what are you families with girls doing right now?


  1. Oh should I tell you now that it doesn't get any better? Nope, no better! My boys in their twenties come home and when they are ALL together they revert to back to middle school!

    I should send you the video I took of my ADULT boys having a grapefruit war in our backyard with pulp all over their heads, hair, clothes and hands until one of them (not the Army Ranger) misfired and hit the videographer (me) smack dab in the gut sending me to the ground with video still on upside down and blurry, but proof was in that video of the one that came to my rescue albeit laughing hysterically and the one who wanted to not call a truce!

    I LOVE all six of my boys!! Could do without the bodily function noises at times though!

  2. My girlies are in bed sleeping. They need their beauty rest, ya know. I think I'm headed in that same direction. 'Cause I need the beauty and the rest more than they do!

  3. My three girls are attempting to ward off the craziness of their almost five year old brother. They are eating baby carrots and brother keeps using them as guns against them.

  4. Well...after they rode their bikes in circles in the garage (while their brothers raced around them and tried to "run them off the road") they came in and brushed their own teeth and washed their own faces (while their brothers tossed wet washclothes at each other) and changed in to nightgowns (while I chased their brothers around to try get jammies on them). Then the six year old girl read a few books to the four year old girl (while my husband took over the chase for the boys and ultimately ended up in a water fight with them, using the girls hair spray bottles) until I came in and read to both of them. Then we prayed together (while husband and boys dried off and giggled and decided even though it was twenty minutes past bedtime they needed to build a tent in their bedroom to sleep in) and got tucked in to bed where they're blissfully sleeping (and their brothers in the next room are having a kicking war under the blankets of the tent).

    Boys are weird. I like them.

  5. Ummm....remind me to not let your boys play with mine.....because they would be all over that!!! YIKES! ;)

    And just so you know I have at least one of our girls probably 2 that would join in!!!

  6. I am rolling!!!! The things they come up with! My kids are both trying hard to fall asleep, but earlier, my girl was re-writing a favorite book of hers, inserting different names for all the "characters" to personalize it. Then she drew an elaborate picture for each page. She never made a sound or any mess. Thankfully I have a boy too. I enjoy both little worlds. :)

  7. What a fun idea! My bigs would be all over that! (even Anna). The little girls have at least 6 baby dolls lined up on my couch, sleeping. They are in sets of three, side-by-side, sharing one blankie per three babies. There is also lots of plastic food strewn about our sun room, remnants of whatever meals they prepared for the babies earlier. There are also at least 8 gigantic finger-painted masterpieces set out to dry all over the house.

  8. Well right now my girls have more energy than my boys...I'm thinking that at this house we are a bit boring...only one kid normally wears socks and he needs them to keep his feet on, but I think they would do fine with a sock war...the girls just make more shrieks and the boys bellow like water buffalo.
    Bodily noises....I have one girl that can burp just like a boy...on demand too...her brother taught her.

  9. My girl at Chickfila pooped in her diaper and slid down the slide. Apparently there was too much for the diaper...the slide and the baby girl were covered. The other kids (not mine) were screaming. My boys didn't care!! Continued playing. I would love the sock fight instead!!

  10. Too funny! Sometimes I feel like I'm living on an alien planet...It's fun and crazy, but I have no idea how they come up w/ half the stuff they do.

  11. I have teenage girls. They fight over clothes, hair accessories and who left the bathroom lights on. Plus they are just sassy, moody, angry, silly, etc. pick one.