Monday, July 23, 2012

Not So Much.

Not so much writers block
as it is
Writer Wants to Lay on the Beach and Do Nothing Block.

Is that a thing?

I dunno.

But I think I just made it a thing.

Course it could alternately be titled
Writer Who Can't Write Because her Twins Are OBSESSED with Mine Craft on Her Computer Block.

Now that...
that is most definitely a thing.


Help me.
This Mine Craft thing?
Totally taking over my life.
Anybody with me?

So I'll be back....
School starts in like 3 1/2 weeks afterall.

But I'll be back way before that....
I have a lotta words I need to get out each day.

So how about a Q & A session?
You game?

Got any questions that I can make up an answer  answer for you?

Bring it.
Game on. 


  1. I go with the first question, but also how many bedrooms do you have, who shares?


  2. What's the most important thing you've learned about and/or the best advice for parenting "virtual twins/triplets"? (children VERY close in age that become siblings through adoption).

  3. My question...I vaguely remember the mention of an RV that was due to appear in my driveway one day this summer. I keep looking out the window but...nothing. Nada. Zilch. What's up with that?

    Sprite :)

  4. How do you pick which child is yours when looking at those precious faces?

  5. How long after bringing home an adopted child does the "new" normal set in? I know it's different with every child, but in your experience--when does that familiarity/connection/love/can't-remember-what-it-was-like-before-them phase comes?

  6. Have you figured out a solution to the socks??? Cuz if you have, I NEED TO HEAR IT! :)))

  7. Is there any chance I will get my painting and when in the world are yall coming HOME?

  8. How is Joshua doing, what is his health status? I think about him a lot.

  9. The xbox is a fine solution to the minecraft problem. No one gets to watch tv but that's not really a problem!!
    Boy do I like minecraft btw! They are building cities together instead of destroying them! One day my son called me to check out his church! Looks just like ours right down to the classrooms in the basement!
    I Do have a question? Have you had any pronounced attachment or behavior issues with any of your guys? I'm so glad your not leaving us!! sheri

  10. I'm coming with an 8 year old post op heart boy in October. I think my biggest concern is language. How long did it take for your boys to understand you enough to get by ok. If you used a translator what kind was it?

  11. How many little ones have you helped place in families with your wonderful advocating? I ask because I was pleasantly surprised to "meet" another adoptive mom recently who also found her child on your blog!

  12. So, do you ever say "kitchen is closed" for the night? I've tried that with my boys, and they just howl laugh at me:)
    Do they have chores? or do you just like 'doing' for them?
    This should be a really fun post:)

  13. How did you know your boys were it when you saw them? I literally see hundreds of waiting children every week and it breaks my how do you know?