Sunday, July 8, 2012

Confessions of An Ordinary Housewife

I'm thinking of beginning a series of posts every now and again with that title.

But then there'd inevitably be the days where the biggest thing I have to report is that I fed my kids mac and cheese for dinner with a side of mandarin oranges and validated myself chalked it up to being all educational and having a meal made entirely out of the color orange.

And that just sounds lame.
And doesn't sound like something I want to admit to doing.
Pssshhh not me.
Totally didn't feed my kids that and tell them it's a silly orange dinner because I was too lazy forgot to marinade the steak I was gonna make. 

So instead let's focus on more glamorous things.


With all the....ahem.....
practice I've been getting having all of these children home everyday all day
I have discovered something.

I have discovered the holy grail of products that make me happy.

A word of caution:
When your kids are little if you are like me, as you make the rounds picking up stray clothes here and there you give them a quick sniff to evaluate their level of filth.

Do not.
I repeat do not try this after the age of about 12.

The fumes.
Oh the fumes. 
The stink.
The smell.
The funk.
Will knock you on your bootay.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
If you see a piece of clothing or towel that belongs to a boy tween or teen in your yourself a favor.
Just throw it in the wash.
Your welcome. 

But I digress,
I have finally found what works.
What really, reeeely works.

My criteria isn't all that demanding.
It has to smell good.
It has to be able to remove infield dirt off of their baseball pants.
It has to smell good.
It has to get stains out while not requiring me to stand there and scrub...cuz I don't somuch do that.
And it has to smell good. 

And though I know I should be making my own detergent
and soap
and deodarant and butter....are you freakin kidding me Colleen?!

I just don't.
I'm not there yet.

{And dont' worry, Colleen is my friend thus I feel empowered to say things like, "Are you freakin kidding me?!}
And she will still like me.
I think.

It smells delicious.
It gets their clothes clean.
And this girl can't ask for more than that.

So here it is.
What works for me:
Camera was backwards.
{professional blogger at work here....yep......ahem....professional....}

Let's try this again.

That's it.
Nothing fancy.
Nothing you have drive halfway to Egypt and skin a yak for.
Just this.
But for some reason these particular scents

This concludes today's episode of Confessions...
check back next time when we talk about how to keep the toilet water blue longer.

Glamor people.
It's all about the glamor of my life.
Go ahead and be jealous.
I'll wait.


  1. aaahhhh...I have two people in our house who are seriously sensitve to scents...otherwise I'd totally be trying your combination.

  2. I loved your entire post because this is where we live minus the teen tween boy part. But I have three of those on their way. Laundry is serious business and HAS TO SMELL GOOD! Love the combo of cleaning agents, I think I may need to add. Glamour I tell ya!!!

  3. Its ALL about the laundry at this house full-a-boyz. Priceless post. You rock! Love & Blessings, Kim

  4. Did you "save" these companies by buying their products . . LOL . . sorry I couldn't resist. Love you Sonia!!! Enjoy that fresh scent!!!

  5. Laundry for seven boys? Is that ALL it takes? :) Girlfriend, I hate laundry and I have one 13-month-old.

  6. It's so funny that you write a post about sniffing clothes after what my own only teen said to me Saturday. I had him picking up all the clothes off his floor, and he picks up a pair of his underwear and thoughtfully says, "don't smell these, they smell really awful." I thought, thanks for the heads up, buddy, but what would make you ever think that I would be smelling your dirty underwear? LOL, l have four boys (ages 3-13) and I am not a sniffer; if it is on the floor, it gets washed. Love my Tide and Oxi Clean!

  7. I think it is hilarious that you referenced Colleen. I saw those posts are thought, "I wish." Gotta love her. ;) Thanks for the tip. Boy on the waaaaaaay!!!! :)