Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's That Time.

It's that time of the summer where my days vacillate between going 180mph running kids to and fro.
And then conversely being so bored that I contemplate sticking pencils in my eye just to give me something to do.

When the house seems to stay an ever lovin disaster. When I've thrown up my hands and realized that trying to keep up with all 7 of their messes is becoming futile because I swear I have already loaded and unloaded that dishwasher twice today and it's not even noon.

It's when I start drooling over the school supply displays that are beginning to frequent the local stuff mart.

When we seem to wear nothing but swimsuits yet the laundry is overflowing c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y. It's a phenomena I do not pretend to understand.

It's when the grocery store cashier begins addressing me by name cuz she knows me and she knows the commissary is about to rake in a few more hundred dollars because I'm here....again. I'm darn sure this commissary will go out of business when we PCS.

It's when I no longer revel in the fact that I can make them big, hot, 3 course breakfasts and I begin to chuck a fiber bar and a banana at them instead at o'dark early when they all climb out of bed.
Pancakes, bacon and eggs are out.
Cold cereal is in.

When I am convinced their brains have completely turned to mush and that I have screwed up the rest of their lives by failing to provide them with enough educational opportunities to continue their academic progress. Unless you consider Mine Craft a core subject. In which case, my kids are stinkin brilliant.

It's the days when I want to throw the Wii out the window.
And jump up and down on top of it.
And hit it with a baseball bat.
And plunge it into the bay and gleefully watch it sink slowly to the bottom.

It's the time of summer where you have run out of patches of grass to ruin with the Slip-n-slide.
It's also when you should have given your newly adopted children a lesson on how slip-n-slide's work before they run at full tilt toward it only to propel themselves to the ground 3 inches from the start of the slide thus coming to an abrupt and painful stop.

But then it's the times where I realize how quickly this is going. How we only have 3 summers left with Jason, 4 with Jordan. Waaaaa. And how I will never, ever, ever get this time back. And I look at all of them with ice cream dripping off their chins and sweat coming off their brow and dirty clothes all over there room and I am thankful. So, so thankful.

Most of all though, it's that time of summer when I realize you home school moms?
Are rock-stars. 

In other completely unrelated news, I'm loving the questions coming in on my first ever Q & A post. Thank you for not asking me why there are like 20 shirts sitting on my dresser that need to be hung up....even though the hangars are like .2 inches from said clothes or how long it's been since I have really deep cleaned the bathtubs. Your questions are so, so much better. I'll start answering tomorrow!

So for today I leave you with this:
12:36pm Jammies still on. Eyes firmly glued to the Wii. I'm such a good mother.
and this
I won't admit to you that this has sat in my kitchen for 2 days. And I feel victorious that it has at least moved to the bottom of the stairs. I'm such a good mother.


oh never mind.

I'm such a good mother. 


  1. And as always you so hit the nail on the head - right down to the 'mom, i will smile for the pic but my eyes are not leaving the video game!!"

  2. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. The best laid summer plans are now... not so much!! Hang in there! Sure enjoy your blog!
    (Mom to four boys and one little girlie!)

  3. I hearby nominate you for the Mother of the Year award! I am a previous winner myself:) As I write, the t.v. is a blarin' And I know how you feel about the mush brain thing. My daughter hasn't had much education this summer either. But it is Summer Break, right?? Don't they deserve a break??? That's what I keep tellin' myself...

    You are a good mother:)
    So am I.

    Lisa Murphy

  4. Well, I currently only have 4 kiddos at home and we are homeschooling this year bc I don't know how you mamas with lots of kiddos do it with everyone in school! The homework, projects, and activities were enough to put us over the edge last year. Seriously, how do you do it?!
    I loathe homework in the evenings!

  5. YES! You are a good mother!! That laundry is CLEAN! Just because it hasn't made it upstairs is a mute point! Your just saving a bunch of boys the agony of having to open drawers to find their drawers!! Sheri

  6. this is lazy laura checkin in. i'm right there with you. l.a.z.y. can't get motivated to pick up after these 7 because guess what? it comes back 2 minutes later~ poof! magic! I agree, the years that all the kids were home were the best! jammies until 12 :30 and who cares....flex was great. but those days are over, 2 at home, 5 at school and then our newby...if we ever pass court!

  7. You ARE such a good mother.
    Oh how I love your realness and sense of humor.
    Thanks for making me feel normal!
    Thinkin I will leave those clean but unfolded clothes in the baskets one more day ...
    Love & Blessings,

  8. Yes, you are a good mother. And now, after seeing your house, we can all sigh, and smile, and feel like good mothers too. Because that is exactly how our days are! :)

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