Friday, March 20, 2015

Who Can Save Your Life Apparently?

This girl.

I tried on lab coats today.
In the lab coaty/scrubby store. 
Hahahahahaha still makes me laugh.....
I picked this one.
Is this how they are supposed to look?
I have no idea and clearly should have been paying more attention rather than compulsively worrying that I was going to have to wear the hose.
(Which I am  NOT, btw.......let us rejoice)

I had way more fun than the normal people that were in the store with me I am pretty sure.
I'm ready for the blood, guts and gore that apparently comes from fulfilling an order for home health care.
I've been googling varying diseases so that I can pretend to know how to treat people.
I've been watching You Tube videos on how to stitch a wound
and deliver a baby
and transplant an organ
and take out your tonsils
and perform a vasec......never mind. I didn't watch that one. 
and turns out I was right about that whole "don't remove the knife" thing.
Man. I'm so much more of a doctor than I gave myself credit for.

So here ye, here ye, sick people of the world.
Come to me.
I can totally pretend to treat you.

And lest you are new here and not realize I speak in jest first,
I can't save anybody.....just so ya know. 
Please do not see me in the halls and say, "ooooo woman in the white coat! Please, place my intestines back inside my body cavity where they belong!"
Cuz I will probably vomit and run the other way screaming.
So glad we cleared that up. 
and second
only Jesus can save you.

If you don't know Him.
You should.
Because whether you believe or not,
one day you will meet Him too.
EVERY knee will bow.
And hey, if nothing else remember that if I'm wrong....I've lost nothing.
If you are wrong, you've lost everything. 

For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God ~ Romans 3:23

Want to know more?
Go here. 


  1. I am laughing so hard... I've missed your storytelling! :) Your coat looks AWESOME... now, get away from me! :)

  2. Laughing out loud, I love reading your blog. But I love the ending even more. Amen to that!

  3. Amen and thanks for the laugh in the first half! The uniform makes the person you know!