Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's off to Asia I go.


There's still no train that travels there.
There's still no boat that will agree to take me there.
But alas,
I go.

My sweet pretend sister Lori has asked me to accompany her to China to adopt her precious Rebekah.
Her husband Doug was going to go but Rachel is still waiting on that elusive new heart.....and somehow the prospect of Rachel enduring a heart transplant whilst both her parents were on the other side of the world sounded oddly misguided. 
So I'm coming off the bench and we are calling in a substituion.

I apparently only ever go to China with people named Lori.
And oddly it's nearly exactly two years ago that I was there with other sweet Lori. 

and Lori
in China

Somebody needs to have the consular's number handy.
Just sayin. 


  1. We will miss you at baseball. I'll pray for you every night. You're an inspiration and friend to us all. We love you Sonia!!

  2. Oh what I would do to be on that trip with the two of you and perhaps me bringing home another extra special girlie myself!!!