Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just. The. Essentials.

This will be my 3rd trip to China in 4 years.

1 four years ago.

1 two years ago.

1 now years ago.

Now years ago.
I kid. I kid.

My packing looked like this on the first trip....
Yes. I brought actual fishing poles for the bathtub to China.
Don't be a hater.

My packing looked like this on the second trip.....

Hewo cutey wittle bitty suitcase

It's funny when you aren't bringing any of your own children with you.
You can get by with packing only underwear and coffee creamer.
Speaking of
Speaking of the coffee that is.....
Not the underwear.....
Those are supposed to be unmentionables.....shoot....which I just mentioned....argh.

Anyway, epically importantly is that after the first trip I figured out this. 
Which I'll be doing again.
Cuz when you find what do it....because it works.....pfft duh.

It'll be a trip full of planes, trains, questionably safe automobiles, coffee and clean underwear.
Can't. Wait.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah. I took a mini-drip pot, coffee filters, Coffee Mate, Stevia, and Community Dark Roast Coffee.
    And $10,000 cash
    Not sure which was most important....
    My first 2 trips - tons of STUFF. Took kids along, too.
    NOT the last time in Nov. 2014.
    Me. Me. Me.
    It was easy packing and easy going.
    My mother doesn't want me to post about underwear either. She still write "" on her grocery list for toilet paper.
    Have a GREAT trip.