Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two Years Ago....

A little more than two years ago today I had hopped on a flight to JFK and waited for Lori to arrive....
I strolled around the airport and said hi to a bunch of people who didn't say hi back and I changed my name to Merl....which you can read about right here. 
I drank way overpriced coffee.
I approprached strangers with the offer of free airfare if they would go in my 'stead.
I tried in vain to fake a stomach bug so Lori would send me home sympathetically with a pat on the head.
I begged the CEO of Carnival to boat me over there instead.
It didn't work. 
Nothing worked.

I couldn't find a way.
No. Way. At. All. 
So I got on the plane with her....
and she only had to drag me a few times.
I'm such a grown up.

It ended up being one of the most incredible trips and exactly two years ago today I stood in that Civil Affairs office and watched family after family be transformed.....which you can also read about right here.
Orphans found families.
Families found treasured sons and daughters.
It. Was. Something. Else. 

And bonus, we ended up meeting an incredible group of ladies.
They had me at chimichanga. 

And I met a couple of guys who gave me the cold shoulder.

Big time.
They wouldn't let me play with them.

On the way home I stayed in DC for a couple of days and got to meet my sweet precious brand new niece....who is now much taller now and walks and talks and all that toddler goodness. I can't tell you how much I love this little girl.

And then one year later I returned to China.....a little bit flat.

This time we are going for the 3-D version again.
We leave in under two weeks.
I have packed nothing.
I have thought about what to pack not at all.
I work all next week...which will be super helpful in my need to pack and prepare. 
I've started saying to the children that mommy leaves in under two weeks whilst practicing not crying at the thought of it at the same time.
I'm so far failing miserably at this. 

Going on an adoption trip with friends is incredible, I love it.
Like I love, love it.
Like I want to pass it a note in study hall and tell it how much I love it.
Like if your name is Lori and you want me to go with you I'm so there.
But leaving my 7 behind......hard.
Really, really hard.

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