Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Day in the Life.

I ran out of shampoo today.
So like any idiot resourceful person, I used the teenagers Old Spice Hair and Body Wash.
This was shall I say.....
not my best idea.
I've done this before...
also with disastrous results.
I apparently am an idiot not a first or third time learner. 
If anybody needs to find me today I'll be the girl with a hat on who smells like a boy wearing too much cologne.


Nearly everyday when I put my mascara on I end up jabbing myself in the eyeball with that stupid wand thingy.
This makes my eyes water.
And consequently makes my newly applied mascara run down my cheek.
This looks awesome.
So I start all over again.
Apply. Jab. Apply Jab. Apply ohnevermind.


Kid at the pool today was playing swimming races with Joey when he swam up next to me with a quizzical expression on his face and said , "You look American."


Makes me smile. Love that through our experiences kids at the pool, kids at the park, kids around our community are learning that families don't have to look alike to be family. But man alive sometimes it would be so great if I were a lovely Asian woman. I would love me some of that gorgeous hair.

Had a talk today with the boys about questions they may get/have gotten from other kids at school. Not surprisingly the question they apparently get the most was about where their "real mom" is. So we talked about some possible answers to those types of questions.
Ya know, answers that don't sound like something out of the UN, or a Hallmark card.
Or sound like we are hopping up on a soapbox to educate every 8 year old on the intricacies of adoptions, but we just talked about some nice, casual, real life answers to these types of questions. One's that will stem the tide of curiosity, yet not ostracize the rest of the school in a...don't ask them anything they will get offended type of way.

Up to now their English hasn't really been good enough to pick up on these comments and such made by other kids but now they do. So here we find ourselves delicately walking that line of protecting their own stories and explaining who the heck this white lady they hang out with is. Because really, just because they are adopted doesn't mean everyone needs to know their story.
Much like just because you aren't adopted doesn't mean I have the right to know if your mother had a C-section or if you came into the world the old fashioned way.
Tell me about your journey through the birth canal....was it scary?
Did you like living in utero?
Where was your real placenta? 
Your noggin is ginormous, how the heck did that work out?

While we are on the topic of things I don't understand let me throw in this:
Word verification on commenting on blogs.
What the?
I haven't ever turned that feature on in my comments and in two years I have never gotten a comment from a computer, or a robot, or spam. I so often read your blogs on my phone where typing letters I can barely see in that tiny box is nearly impossible. Is word verification really necessary? Someone, please enlighten me. Is there some mass influx of computers commenting on blogs with offers to buy little blue pills or somethin necessitating the use of the verification? Cuz I wanna be able to give a shout out to my peoples. And I promise I'm not a robot.


School starts for the teens in 13 days.
Ohmygoodness we are all ready.
They to study hard and get straight A's and ace the SAT
see their friends
and me to not have to feed them 22 hours out of each day.

I am in the beginning stages of searching for some kind of longer term(bout a month) mission opportunity for them next summer. They are both very interested in that but I am finding that there is just so much out there I'm having a hard time figuring it all out.
When your teenagers want to go serve for a summer you try your darnedest to not have to say no so search I shall. 
Suggestions anyone? My fellow teen momma's got any direction for me?


I watched synchronized swimming today with the boys. Girlfriends CRACK.ME.UP. Their athleticism is impressive, the music is happenin and I can't stop rewinding to watch the Spanish team do that flamingo dance thing.  I gotta get me a pair of nose clips and start practicing. Rio here I come.


There are a couple of sweet friends of mine fundraising to bring their daughters home. You could even win this: 
Ooooo lala
come to mama. 
You can enter that giveaway right here. 
And you can get your hands on some of these for those toddlers around your house.

Squeaky shoes!
I have never been able to be a part of the squeaky shoe phenomena...
cuz ya know...putting them on 7 year old boys the day after you meet would be....I imagine...frowned upon.
But you can!
And look!
There are even boy one's!!

So go here and here and please consider being a part of those precious girls journey home! 


John took all the boys to an NFL practice that is open to the public tonight.
Did you hear that?


Me neither.

The house is q.u.i.e.t.

I don't even know what to do with myself so I thought I'd sit down in front of my computer and talk to you all. I briefly thought about catching up on the housework but I shot that thought down and threatened it with it's life if it made that suggestion again. So instead it's here I sit. Surrounded by string cheese wrappers, wheat thin crumbs and a sink full of dishes that are mocking me with their stuck on grease.


Trying to figure out how.....nay....definitely, officially committing myself to go to the Created for Care conference in January. I. am. stoked. Who wants to come with me?
I promise I won't use the word "nay" in person.
"Sonia, want some more coffee?"


Alexis is working on a blog makeover for me.
I am ridiculously excited.
This blog began about two years ago when I didn't have a clue what I was doing,
could barely spell immigration,
thought DTC was an acronym for a new hip kind of soda,
and thought dossier was pronounced with an 'r' sound at the end.

I had no followers and 1 reader......uhhhh that'd be me.
Two years later I am thankful for each and every one of you that listen to my dribble and encourage me in my shortcomings and rejoice in our triumphs.
This community is one like no other and even though I feel like a total psychopath when I tell my real life friends stories and share prayer requests about some of my "blog friends", I carry on.
Because I feel like I really know so many of you.
And psychopaths gotta stick together.


Well, I think I'm going to go enjoy the quiet now.
I'm going to take a bath, eat some junk food, and curl up on the couch with the Olympics and my favorite blanket.
Nighty night.


  1. Hey Sonia, you inspired me to turn off word verification! My only insight is that I turned it on when I first started blogging and since I desperately need a blog makeover myself, I never got around to changing it.

  2. This wonderfully written walk through life is not is colorful and insightful and reminds me that we are all human...on the good days and on the bad! Press on.

  3. Hey Sonia! That was entertaining as always;) I had to laugh at the Old Spice fiasco. I've encountered this myself on occasion. It just isn't normal is it?
    Hope you enjoyed the night off!

  4. If you want your boys to go on a mission trip for the summer- I know the perfect place! My daughter is from Shepherd's Field Children's Village (Phillip Hayden Foundation) outside of Beijing, started by American Christian Missionaries. They look for teenage interns throughout the year, especially summer! I went on a short term mission this summer and loved it! You get to work with adorable orphans doing various jobs. Many interns work in the school teaching English to the younger kids. Contact me if you want more info. The website is It will change their life! It certainly changed mine! (and my daughter)

  5. Sorry- forgot my contact. It is

  6. OK, you are right on with the word verification stuff. Start a movement.

    And I am so laughing at the ginormous noggin comment! And you are right about that whole monologue. Folks don't realize how personal they are getting. . . . .Good for you for arming your boys with sensible answers. We get the adoption question from adults, but everywhere we go (besides church thank goodness), Jonathan gets asked by kids about his prosthetic leg. He has never seemed bothered until the last time. But what can you do?

  7. It's not exactly missions and I'm unsure of the boys' ages, (sorry) but (hands down the best camp ever!!!) hires teens for the summer as sponsors. My son who will be 16 in Dec wants to work there next summer. My daughter (8) went there for camp this year and I can't even tell you how much she learned and how much her faith grew in just one week. Besides that, she had a blast! It is in Oklahoma. I am afraid I sound like an infomercial but it really did impact her that much and her couselor (teen girl) was a large part of that.

  8. I'll be at the C4C in January! :0)

  9. I have always wanted to go to C4C, but have always been adopting another child ;) he he he....

    Maybe someday. Now that my hubby has a job with mentoring, encouraging, and recruiting foster parents- we get to go- for his JOB!!! Pretty SWEET deal!!! :)

    Hmmm...don't know what to tell you about blog commenting. I have had people say they can't comment on mine sometimes?
    I have had a few weird computer comments here and there, but I just delete them, and it has never been a big deal- a once or twice a year thing. ????

    Always good to have some stock answers for others who are curious. Because you know dumping your life story is pretty heavy stuff for kids who just want to be normal and you know a kid!

    :) You always make me smile!!! :)

  10. I went on mission trips in high school. One with Teen Missions International (it was ten years ago and I am still in contact with each person on my team) and then two others where I went independently to orphanages in Haiti. I've had friends go with YWAM and I have several friends who head up short term mission teams. I can tell you that it absolutely without a doubt changed my life completely.

    I went to C4C last year and it was amazing. I'm thinking about going again this year. I'll be the awkward girl going up to random people and saying "I LOVE your blog!"

  11. hey you!
    my siblings and I did TMI growing up, it was life changing, eye opening, hardworking, fun, sacrificial, compassion driving, good for us.
    Have you heard of it?
    Teen Missions International. I spent a summer in kenya, my brother was in madagascar and then one summer in Tanzania. It's head quatered in Florida, no on up hear knows about it!
    We took the kids to visit the "boot camp" last spring in spend the 1st 2 weeks of the summer with your team, in florida, training then go out and build or work where ever around the world.
    They are bob jonesish super conservative, for teens, it's a good thing to look into...we are.
    jaw surgery in 2 days... :(

  12. I'm leaving Thursday for China to bring home our 7 year old son. I'll see if I can get him to wear a pair of squeaky shoes:)

  13. So I want to know.... what "casual" answers did you come up with? Because I would like to have a reference list when I need them. So far it hasn't been really an issue for us - maybe because we're in Japan and everyone is so used to so many people looking Asian they don't really give a second thought to the fact that this little Asian girl is running around with us. But, anyhow, I would like to prepare Abby as well, I'm just clueless.

    AND - if you get some good feedback on the longer term mission trips, please do share. James is at Maria's Big House of Hope right now but that one is only eight days - something longer would be awesome!

    As for your ? on my comments section - I suppose we could end up stateside next summer, but I don't wanna. The coffee, on the other hand, I would love!

  14. I do not even know where to begin to comment on this post.

    I would really rather just hug you, in person . . . but then again I really don't care for the smell of Old Spice. No offense.

    Happy to hear that your Asian Sensation now has enough grip of the English language to be equipped by their mama's wisdom; be she void of beautiful Asian hair . . . and smelling ever so slightly of Old Spice. :) It's all good!

    Blessings to you my funny friend~


  15. Not sure where to start on my comments.
    Love everything about this post.
    So how about ... love ya! Grateful for ya!
    And hoping that after I stuffed the comment boxes at C4C earlier this year, Andrea heard my suggestions to make you a speaker in January!
    Love & Blessings,