Monday, August 27, 2012

Because There Wasn't Enough Going On Around Here....

I decided to go back to school.

Social work degree meet Sonia.
Sonia, meet social work degree.

I mean come on,
7 kids
an active duty husband
and a full time student.

have no idea what I'm doing  got this.
I'm feeling very confident.

Your totally naive friend who tends to vastly overestimate her abilities.....

post script ~ My favorite part so far was buying school supplies.....for myself!
Pink polka dot notebook ~ check.
Pink folder ~ check. 
Purple feathery princess pen ~ check.....ok...not really. But trust me...I really wanted to buy it....I also really did not want to look like a complete dork with all the other students who are half my age. So I bought a regular boring pen. Boo.

post ` post script ~ My sweet friend Julee made this for me for my first day.

I heart her.

post ` post ` post script ~ Do people take notes anymore with real paper and real non-princess pens?
I have a vision that I am going to show up the first day and everyone else is going to open up their super sleek brand new laptops and tablets and I am going to be the only one there with real paper.
And then everyone is going to look at me,
and think how old I am
and ask me to bake them cookies because I remind them of their grandmother.
And that's just not how I wanted my first day to go down.

Ya know what...
this is a bad idea.
I quit.

The End.


    Wow!! Can I please have some of your energy? Pretty please?
    I am going back to school, too!!! TODAY!!'s homeschool.
    I have my pink feathery pen waiting for me to use.
    You should've bought yours and then we could've been twins?!
    : ) Love ya!

  2. So amazing! And yes regardless of what you show up with your gonna be the mom, but you know you can jsut smile to yourself cuz you know you are going to go home in your nice car that works, you know how to cook, and you actually have a clue what a social worker does LOL!

  3. you are awesome! You are crazy. but you are awesome! :) PS... did you know my other job (besides being Mom to four) is as a social worker?! (I do public policy stuff... not clinical SW) Welcome to social work!

  4. You will be the most AWESOME social worker--EVER!!!!
    Amy in OKC

  5. Girlfriend, you got this! Print your syllabus and every powerpoint to take notes on. Also...use index cards. All this great advice coming from the mom of many who started back to school to get her SW degree last January....and withdrew this week. I loved my semester of SW classes!!!! Loved, loved, loved it! But now is not the time for me to go back to school. I will be your cheerleader though!!!!!

  6. You will be ahead of the curve with your handwritten notes because you are actually taking notes instead of checking twitter or Facebook. Cool thing if you decide to switch to online the university of Louisville just started offering full ride scholarships to the spouses of active duty personell.

  7. I agree, I want some of your energy! :-) Good luck! What an exciting time in your life.

  8. Sonia, I so admire you!...I look to your blogs
    to keep me going. Your sense of humor, your love
    of boys, coping with unpleasant medical stuff and occasionally staff..keeping a marriage together, you will make a wonderful social worker. And, you have so much to teach those young people in class who think they know it all!!...Bless you, mm, vancouver, wa.

  9. Good for you! I went back and got my RN 5 yrs ago and it has been great! I printed out our power points...I liked the 3 slides w/ room for notes on the side...and took notes like that. There were only a couple of people that used laptops in class. I personally can write faster. You can always type things up later as review. Good luck!

  10. Good for you! I've thought about doing the same thing myself. Best of Luck!

  11. You are AMAZING! Superwoman Sonia!!! 20 years agoI finished graduate school and my prinicipal asked me to go back this yr to add an endorsement to my certificate to teach gifted students. I have to drive an hour each way to class after work. I AM OLD and I can do this so I say you've got this girl! Run with it!

  12. I have so enjoyed your blog - what an awesome mom you are! Are you planning to use a SW degree to work in the field of adoption? This is something I also think about...not sure I have it in me to do school again, tho. Truly admire you. Here's to a good year. Keep up the funny blog posts - Julie