Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cigs in Prison.

Ok never did I think I would have a blog post with that title
but seriously Shelly?
Trading glue sticks like cigs in prison?


I am so grateful I am not alone in the school supply/school readiness and subsequent poverty area.
Thank you all for making me feel better with your $200 giant shoes
and 87 glue sticks
and fellow calculator purchases
and preschool payments
and reminders about college book costs...
never mind...
I'm highly resentful of those collegiate reminders.

So behold...
my dream come true.

I know it doesn't look like much but good gravy have you ever had 7 children doing homework and hearing,
"I need a new pencil!"
"I need crayons!"
"I need a ruler!"
"Where are the colored pencils?!"

This year...
twill be different.

I am bound.
And determined.
I am bound and determined 
that this year will be different. 

No more rifling through the junk drawer looking for a blue crayon,
no more searching the far reaches of their backpacks for a broken pencil that I can sharpen.
This. is. it.

Our reservoir stocked with extras.

Need a pencil?
No problem.
already sharpened!

Teacher says you need to bring in another red pen tomorrow?
Roger that.
Out of paper?
Okie dokie.
Divider tabs?
Index cards?
On it.
On it.
On it. 
I. Am. On. It.

Need Joe Montana to come with you for career day?
Got it.

Joe can't go.
But the binders and glue are available.

And then of course I would be remiss if I didn't introduce to you the coolest pencil case evah.

Oh Perry.
Your so extraordinary.

School year 2012/2013....

And hey...
if it lasts a week I'll be happy.


  1. Wow its so nice and organized! I wonder if i could get my siblings to help me organize our cupboard haha
    Ive yet to unpack my backpack from last school year and we start on Friday, not to mention pack my $263 worth of school books away oh joy Senior year here i come lol
    Good luck with your guys school year!
    God Bless~
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  2. PLEASE come and help out at our house!
    Looks great and if you can get them to keep it that way for a month, I will be amazed...truly!

  3. You are sooooo organized! Could you take a photo of this in a month or two...ya know...just to make the rest of us moms that may not be there...ever...:)

  4. A Month?! In my house it wouldn't look like that TOMORROW!!
    I want to see a video of you running through your house like a st@ples commercial when the bus pulls away!! HEE!!

  5. This is the before school pictures. Now you'll have to be sure to post the after school's out photos too. :)

  6. Lol! I tried this and it lasted only until one of my boys realized a jar of pencils was a perfect double for a quiver full of arrows and proceeded to shoot them into the nether regions of our oh so shortly organized home! 8)

  7. You didn't show the lock and key that you are using in order to keep you stationery store stationary (do I have them in the right order?) I know exactly where 230 pencils would be before the first month was out...and really mom YELLOW pencils that you have to sharpen?! Where are the mechanical ones...the other ones don't write AT ALL!
    But I give you A+ for effort I hope your kids do better than mine that way.

    I don't think we spent $700 in school supplies,but the monthly tuition this year is almost double that.

  8. My kids are on the way over....cigs I mean gluesticks in hand ready for a trade. Good luck this yr. My baby is off to kinder, so sweetly rings the silence.

  9. If I could only pull that off ...

  10. I'm so happy it's not just MEEEE!!!!!