Saturday, August 4, 2012

Got Love?

...then there's some kiddos I want you to meet.
 So go ahead and hand over your heart right now....cuz they gonna steal it.

First up this little aspiring businessman.
2 years old

He is postop for Glenn procedures and has complete transposition of great arteries, VSD, and PV stenosis. Normal physical and mental development can speak in phrases of 1-2 words. He is able to walk holding onto handrails. 

Mr. Cutie Pants still does not have a family. 
4 years old.
Please. Someone. 

If he does not get on med's his HIV will progress into AIDS. 
He needs a family. 
He needs you. 
You can read his story right here. 

I'd also like you to meet Holly. 

Holly resides at New Day and is L.O.V.E.D. The staff there would love nothing more than for her to find a family of her own. 
You can read more about Holly right here! She's a sweetie!

And finally meet sweet "Warren". 

Sweetness just turned 2 and has CL/CP and blindness. 
When he wakes in the night, the ayi's have to tell him to stop singing and go back to sleep.
He waits until they are gone and starts singing again. :) LOVE that!
You can find more info about him right here. 
Tons of video and pictures available on this little man!

4 children.
Who need just 4 people willing to say yes. 
Could you be 1? 

If you would like more information on any of these kiddos just shoot me an email at


  1. Beautiful children! Praying they find their family soon!

    Can't get you know who out of my head...

  2. Sonia, thank you for posting Warren!! I have lots of pics and video of this little guy...