Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Have A Problem.

And I


This is where I store my sugar, flour and pancake mix:

I know...I know....I know...
I're shocked and dismayed that I don't make my pancake mix from scratch.
I too am horribly disappointed in my actions.

But nonetheless, this is where they lie in wait for me to whisk them into something brilliant something at least edible.

But here's the thing.

I don't know which is which.
It's been awhile....
a long while 
since I used them since I got in the habit of using what was in the pantry bags instead.
So now....a couple of months later.....I have no clue.

Anybody know how to tell the difference between straight up flour and pancake mix?
They look alike.
The talk alike.
They even walk alike.

They taste somewhat alike.....but even though I can tell a slight difference in taste I still can't tell which is which.

Help me people.


  1. Maybe squirt a little lemon juice on a spoon full of each? Wouldn't that make the baking powder/soda in the pancake mix foam? Can't try it here - don't have any lemon juice presently!

  2. I'm guessing the pancake mix would have a salty taste to it and the flour shouldn't. Good luck!

  3. Buy some of either of them, taste it too and match to one of the jars! But I think the lemon juice idea is better!

  4. Easy to tell the difference. Make some pancakes. If they turn's pancake mix. If they taste gross, it's not. No need to thank me for those awesome word of wisdom! :)

  5. Grab some in your hand and pinch it together. If it clumps a bit, it is the pancake mix, because it has the fat/butter/oil/whatever in it.


  6. I would have not a single clue on the face of this whole Earth! :)

  7. I don't have a clue, but I'm guessing if you whip up a batch with each you'll know soon enough :) And really, I haven't found a homemade pancake recipes that beats Bisquick!

  8. I am lovin the responses! They are as good as the post!! HAhhhhaaaaa!

    Toss it all out and start over! The jars are cute... the insides... not so cute...

    Good Luck and let us know!

  9. Sorry I missed your birthday! Looks like you had a good one. And I'm 83, so I have you beat!
    Equally sorry that I can't help you with your latest dilemma. I say chuck them and start fresh.

  10. Make a batch of each and you'll figure it out! :)

  11. Next time tape a note on the bottom of the canister stating the contents of the jar.