Friday, August 17, 2012

Have you seen this?

Pat Robertson vs. the Spirit of Adoption

I truly have no words for this man's ignorance.
So while I am searching for a thoughtful response I'll be taking care of my "weird" children and living out God's commandments to care for the least of these.

Un. Be. Lievable. 

Thank you Dr. Moore for telling it like Jesus would. 


  1. All I can say is that we love our "United Nations," our baby girl that does indeed have brain damage, and our family that the most of the world calls "weird." Yeah...and I love Jesus, too, who commanded us to love. Mr. Robertson will answer for his false teachings, no doubt.

    1. Mr. Robertson will have some explaining to do when he meets his maker.

  2. I posted it on facebook and am astonished at him...I think its time for him to retire; like 10 years ago time! So, his take is that we should serve orphans but leave them to rot in an orphanage for fear of the unknown?

  3. Well... I went from FURIOUS (at Pat) to BLESSED (by Dr. Moore) in less than 60 seconds. I am so glad that my Jesus adopted me and I am thrilled that our "United Nations" daughter adopted our family spite of our weirdness...