Monday, March 25, 2013

This & That & Intimacy With a Giraffe.

Well hello there!
It's been a busy couple of days.
I have lost all semblance of time and when we did what or who or where or whatever.
The days are just blending together, it's a bit like being on vacation.....
except you don't understand anything anyone is saying
there are chicken feet and live frogs at the Stuff Mart
and there are signs warning you about the rules of being intima*te with a giraffe.

So yep.
Just like vacation.

I did visit the spot where we lost Justin two years ago.
Ahhhhh memories.
I'm still traumatized.
 I purchased some seahorses from a lady off the street.

Because I have a policy that when I encounter sea horses on the street I should buy them.
Just kidding.
I have no such policy.
But if I did it would involve seahorses and the subsequent exchange of money I'm certain of it.

A little farther down were two women sorting live scorpions with chopsticks.

Hold on.

I'm not sure you heard me.


We had tea with Dong.

And then today we went to the Safari Park
and it rained.
And I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to say something like how enchanting the rain was and how the Chinese rain was so endearing compared to American rain. How we all frolicked along the path laughing at the downpour.
But it wasn't.
So I won't.
It was wet.
It was kinda lame.
It was....well.....blech.

Tonight we head to dinner at 5:30 with about 40 other people.
It's party week here at the Garden and man alive, it's a good time.

Next post: How Good I Am At Ignoring My Schoolwork While I Am Here.


  1. You crack me up! Glad you're enjoying your time with scorpions, seahorses, and the frolicking giraffes!

  2. so jealous about tea with Dong-- he cracks me up-- such a sweet guy!!!!

    intimacy with giraffes? please tell me something got lost in translation there...