Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Packing for China-A Rookie's Perspective.

We're all packed and ready to go!

Or......errrr.....perhaps not.

I've never adopted before.
Never even been to Asia.
I do not.....by any stretch....have a clue what I am doing.
I do however have some mad packing skillz that I will be putting into practice as far as the traveling goes.
I'm on it.
Traveling with 6 then 8 people...
that I can do. 

So here....because you guys are my favorite....is a look at the chaos of what, I would gather, is a pretty typical look at the floor of a family's bedroom a week and a half before adoption travel.

Let's take a tour shall we?
Yes I think we shall. 

Cuz I'm not above bribery.

Please like me. I give you candy!


In itty-bitty sizes. For a couple of itty bitty guys. (itty-bitty to me anyway, the twins are huge!)

I'm pretty sure the 2 bags of Kettle Corn aren't going to make it in tact but Justin loves this stuff,
and he's 8
and I like him.
Thus if he wants to pack kettle corn,
we're packing kettle corn.
Now my box of coffee creamer....that will definitely make it. 
It knows better than to desert me at a time like this. 
I'm making a snack cupboard in the hotel room.
Contents include:
Fiber Bars.
Bowls, napkins and box of assorted flatware for quick snacks and cheap lunches.
Propel water flavorings
Annie's fruit snacks
Trail mix
Peanut Butter
Animal crackers
and a few other assorted family favorites.

Bath toys & supplies.

I know, I know, I know
I went overboard here.
One does not need to travel to China with a monkey shaped scrubby thing and dinosaur bath fizz.
I figure I can always tie the monkey scrubber to my head and use it as a scrunchy if I can't get it to fit.
And I know I can buy all of this over there but frankly it was just too much fun.
And besides who doesn't want to fish in the bathtub? Pffft. Not me!

For the hotel rooms in case they are stinky.
.....Or in case all 6 boys make it stinky.

A pop up clothes hamper.
Hello. There are 8 of us.
That's alota funky clothes.

Swim attire for everyone and floaties for the boys.
This is in case anyone staying at the Mariott with their off the hook heated pool wants to invite us to swim one afternoon.
Hint, hint.

2 1/2 bags of medicine filled with things to treat just about every ailment under the sun.
The rest of the 3rd bag will be filled up with antibiotics for everyone just in case.

And lastly,
The Car Sick Kit.

Contents included in one gallon size ziplock bag:
Baby wipes

2 small fans. (everyone likes a nice cool breeze on their face when they're trying not to hurl)

1 baggie of mixed sour/hard candy to suck on when one feels nauseous.

6 other gallon size ziplock bags folded neatly in the bag.
(This if for the aforementioned hurl to go into.....a hurl catcher if you will.)
A few plastic grocery bags to put the hurl filled ziplock bags in once they are....ahem.....filled. These can then be tied in a knot with the filled ziplock inside to minimize smell for the other horrified passengers.
Purell. (duh.)
I will also be putting in two cheap stuff-mart tee shirts as back up clothing.

And that concludes our tour of Sonia's crazy land.
Please exit the ride to your right.


  1. So how did you sneak in my house and get a picture of my bedroom floor?!?

    And just so you know, my kids have seen the pictures of your loot and will be seriously hanging out in your room. A lot. :)

  2. Coming from someone who is a pro at getting car/air sick...don't forget the dramamine. I use it on the plane for the kids too, I break it in half. It's also good for getting such kids to sleep on the plane. Wait, did I say that?

  3. OK - You crack me up! You guys are going to have so much fun in China!
    It is all about attitude!!!! For one who has been there twice, and always over packed I am laughing! I have a feeling there will be an extra suitcase (or 2) being purchased in Guangzhou too! Don't forget the Starbuck's singles! A necessity with the hotpot water and your creamers!

    Have a wonderful trip! And don't worry about the language barrier. You will be amazed! Sienna was fluent within 3 months home!


  4. Wow, Sonia!

    You rock, girlfriend!

    I wish I had you to help me pack when we went to China...twice!

    It looks like you are well prepared!

    This is so stinkin exciting!!!!

    Can't wait to follow y'all when you meet these two precious boys!!!


  5. Lord, do I wish I could be a fly on the wall for your trip!! I know what it was like going with my 3 and getting a quiet little girl...I can't even imagine what yours is going to be...awesome!!! and yes...that is exactly what our floor looked like, except we actually had some clothes to wear!!!!! lol....

  6. That's what the corner of MY bedroom looks like...kind of. I think I have to get more...
    And, ummm...was that Marriott comment for us? YES! Come swim!! There's your official invitation. Besides, watching somebody else with a ton of boys will be fun! :)

  7. Hi,
    I happened upon your blog a while ago! Your blog is wonderful and your boys (all of them) are just gorgeous!
    We travelled to China twice for our children, and the last time we brought all the children with us. (4 kids 2 adults). We stayed for 3 weeks.
    I have lots of advice on packing and also adopting children with similar ages. my daughter and son are 6 months apart.
    I also travel back every year as the Director of Gracie's Room First Hugs program for special needs Orphans.
    I will be watching your travels with a huge smile on my face!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you!!
    Krista D

  8. Well, girlfriend, I'm pretty sure you've covered all your bases. And in case of an emergency, the only thing you really HAVE to grab is the bag-o-meds! Everything else is made in China and can easily be purchased there :)
    Can't wait to follow along!

  9. I second the dramamine or bonine idea! Helps with nausea and induces sleep - a wonderful combination. I plan to drug myself on the way to Korea - no idea what I'm going to do on the way back since it makes me so sleepy. I have big issues with motion sickness. I guess we'll see. ;)

  10. girl you have thought of everything! Can't wait to follow along!!!! So excited for all of you but especially those two precious boys who are about to find out what being a part of a big loving family means!!!!
    finish packing and go get those boys!!!
    Hugs to you

  11. OK. When I was turning on my computer I was actually thinking that I needed to see about calling you to get some packing tips. Imagine my surprise when I saw your blog post! Girl. . you've got it together.

  12. This is great. The White Swan has a pool, too. I'm packing for swimming. I didn't think about floaties, but I think I could throw some in...maybe. I can't wait!

  13. I love this post! Totally cracking up at your descriptions and I am so going to bookmark it so I can use your fab ideas for packing when it's our turn! :)

  14. I was sitting here trying to think of things we wished we had had with us in China. One of our travel families shared with us cup-of-soup packs. These were great for upset tummies and easy to make since every room we stayed in had a water boiler. I also brought the chewable Dramamine for long bus trips. (comes in children's, too)

    I think you have done a great job! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  15. hehehe...I do have to say that I packed a LOT of food on our first trip to China (our son is allergic to peanuts and we thought that we needed it). But, we hardly used any of it. Still, you never know! You may use it all! Anyway, you've got your bases covered and you are going to have a GREAT time!

  16. I would ditch the snacks.. since most are available there..noodle bowls are availabe and better than the ones we have here.. cheaper too. and pack the anti-nausea patches - which are available but hard to find. Toys are great.. bubbles, blow up balls, frisbees, things to play with out side if you go to a park.

    Otherwise - looks like every pile getting ready to be packed!! Fun Fun! Just back from 3rd trip for adoption.. several hundred for business and pack light is the best advice - the airports there are huge!

  17. I love it!

    As a family getting ready for trip number 2, I second leaving snacks behind. I would pack for the initial plane ride though. We found all munchies we could want in China. Our daughter had her first oreos there, and the photos we have of the hotel floor are priceless (she was 15 months) and that and she came with a goodie bag of treats. She had banana flavored marshmallow moon pies. Those made a mess. I would pack a light weight plastic shower curtain for food eating in the hotel room.

    I love the toys! I personally didn't see much of that. May have to go get myself a fishing pole.

    Enjoy, it will be the best. We will be following closely hoping for glimpse of our waiting son (I check all blogs, but so far no luck).

  18. bahahabahaha i love ya girl!
    John is officially a sherpa.

    so you can add collapsable (did i spell that correctly?) bowls and cups to the list.. I say the cups b/c in the hotel Only GLASS cups are in the bathroom.. niice for us.. makes us feel fancy. but for the kids.. yea right. slippery when wet. hahahahah I actually just bought cute cups -- yep when I got there. but seeing how you like to umm. pack here.. ikea or tupperware at the bx or target or something..
    the collapse bowls are nice b/c well they are flat. and they hold the very hot water great. and well .. they are nifty. :O)
    anyway.. thanks for the laugh. reminds me of my first (of4)trip...

  19. You crack me up!! Oh my goodness I can't imagine what it must be like packing for 8. I thought I had lists but I'm sure they don't compare to yours:)!!! We are so close! I can't wait to meet you in person and meet all your darling boys. Blessings and peace in the final days as you prepare for you journey to your boys. Oh my goodness tears in my eyes already. I am going to be a wreck :)!

  20. Haha...I am cracking up! I packed similarly (ie: too much stuff) and my husband never lets me hear the end of how he had to schelpp a bazillion suitcases all over China. BUT...we never had a need to go dashing out in the middle of the night looking for some medicine or other necessity. I had it all. :)

  21. Speaking as a Marine brat... the military prepares you for packing. As evidenced by your post. *grin*

  22. I just saw this post and laughing my large you know what off!!! You have definitely overpacked so Gracie and I will be by next Saturday to wipe our hands with sanitizer and eat your snacks and have coffee with you!!!

    Save some nutella for me!!!