Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Post I Like To Call

Riding the Subway With Hundreds of Chinese People.

One word:


I've found a bit of my adventurous side lately.....hence the climbing under sheets with old men on airplanes, and nearly getting into cars voluntarily with strangers at JFK.

And most recently knocking on hotel room doors alone in Asia to meet another person I met on the internet

Don't hate.
I'm still alive.

And besides, she's as awesome as I thought she'd be see:

But I digress.

So yesterday I braved the subway system.

Crowded beyond belief at 6pm on a Friday night.

Oh my good nigh
But still fun.
That's me in the orange. In case you were confused.

Anybody wanna snuggle?

I'm going to visit my brother, his wife and thier brand new bundle of GIRLY sweetness on the tail end of this trip.
I'm pretty sure I'll be using the DC metro system at some point in those few days....
and I'm pretty sure it's going to feel downright spacious compared to this.

So to recap:
Foreign subway systems = not scary.
Roasted suckling pig however = terrifying.


  1. Heehee LOVED the subway, I kept telling my kids this is NOT the time to be nice, PUSH and stay together!!

  2. WE rode the subway too! (Katie and I) With Ann of red threads! We had instructions to follow her and do what she does- in other wards keep moving once you get off - just move forward- no manners necessary!
    It was FUN!!

    So glad you met Connie or is it Konnie? How fun!!

  3. i hope and pray my little feet never have to leave US soil again. Oh the video, I have a head ache! UGH! bad, bad memories, 2 crazy little chinese girls who would not hold new parents hands. AHHHH!
    you are hilarious.
    loving it all,