Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ni Hao Hong Kong!

Ahhhhhh my feet are on solid ground once again
and better yet....
I can stretch out my legs.

Flight was great!
Who knew that travelling by yourself is a whole lot less work than traveling to China with your 6 children.
Learn something new everyday.

Lori and I are currently sitting on the floor of the lobby of a hotel in HK(cuz we are classy like that) getting our dose of technology, skyping our kiddos and blogging like all normal people would.

It has occured to me that in the past two weeks I have:
  • Picked a person up(Wassup Jennifer!) at the airport that I have never met before and brought her to my home.
  • Met a family for the first time in the parking lot of Wal Mart and had them follow me to ice cream that I have never met before.(Wassup Roe family!)
  • Almost gotten under a sheet with an old man. (Ref previous post)
  • Nearly gotten into a car at JFK with a lady I have know for roughly 1.2 minutes. 
  • And tomorrow we are meeting up with Katie and taking in some Hong Kong sights. Never met Katie before but man alive does she ever sound nice online!
.......I am beginning to think I have issues related to the absence of stranger danger. 

But nonetheless tomorrow we hang out in HK in the AM and train to GZ in the PM.

Next post: Guangzhou!



  1. I am enjoying following your trip and glad you are back to blogging! Whatever it takes, yes? Including psuedo adopting! LOL! I've missed your humor--funniest blogger on the planet lady! Can't wait for the big day! (PS Does this make you want to adopt again?)

  2. I'm loving following your journey! Plus, you make me laugh. :o)

  3. Hi. I am one of your blog followers. I am in Guangzhou now! Not sure where your first week will be spent but if you're here and at the Garden, I will say hello! We are here with my four older bio kids (our two littles from Ethiopia are home and I miss them terribly. We are adopting our 5 year old daughter Mia Ting. Safe travels and enjoy the independent time!! Blessings

  4. Glad you had a great flight! Enjoy Hong Kong. What a fun place to explore!

  5. Have a great time! Enjoy every moment! Kids and family will be there when you get home and will appreciate you even more!!!