Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Thing I Can't Get Right in China

My hair.

Oh peoples
my haiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Allow me to refresh your memory of the great hair debacle of 2011.
I melted my curling iron in the sink the morning before we met the boys. 

Good times.

This time I have managed to keep my flat iron from melting but just barely.
Each morning I plug it in I pray that this will not be the day that I will be held responsible for burning down a 5 star hotel.
I plug it in and .8 seconds later it is hot. hot. hot. 
I'm pretty sure it needs a converter for the voltage.
I'm also pretty sure I didn't bring one.
I'm also pretty sure I don't care and I keep using it anyway in the name of taming the wild beast that is my hair right now.
I'm also, also pretty sure I am taking my life in my hands by using it this way.
But alas, don't care.

Even with the flat iron though I walk outside to the weather that is Guangzhou and I look a bit like this

only worse.

Someone said to me today, " I feel like I know you. I recognize you from somewhere." and I wanted to say,
"It's me! It's Sonia!! I just have REALLY bad hair right now! For the love help me please!"
but I didn't.
I just smiled.
And nodded.
And cried a little on the inside about the hair injustice of it all.

In unrelated news,
It's so weird being back here.
2 short years ago I stood in the same room I was in today

and met my two sons, having no idea that 14 hours from that spot there was another little boy that 7 months later would become our son as well.

Faithful, faithful God.


  1. They have converters that you can use in the hotel. Just ask for one and save your flat iron. Good luck.

  2. From a former hairdresser, with naturally curly hair, who fried a flat iron while fighting the great hair battle of 2008 in Guangzhou (during rainy season)--I feel ya. Oh do I. You look marvelous regardless, my friend. And on your other note, that room--sweet memories there, our same labor room for Teddi's delivery! Sweet blessings!

    Love you!


  3. I found a flat iron in China and bought it. They had no idea what I was talking about when I asked where a flat iron was. BUT I found one. I had to, because I blew the fuse as soon as I plugged mine in. :-( I found it at the Walmart.
    I love following the journey you're one. I wish I was there with you. :-)