Monday, May 10, 2010

The Great Unknown

So yeah. We're adopting.

Yeah. Never done that before, it'll be new, exciting, challenging

but really

if you really want to know if I'm adventurous

here's your answer.

I am.....drum-roll please.....about to attempt to make


Yep. I'm livin on the edge. Adoption, no problem.

But to master the giant cupcake? Whew doggie. Now there's a challenge. :)

I mean come on man! Just look at that thing!

I'm trying both the Wilton pan and the silicon version thanks to a good friend who happened to have both.

Good thing considering this child

AND this child

will be turning 8 tomorrow.

Not sure which will turn out better or if they will be equal. I shall give you a full report!

Catch ya on the flip side!

*An adoption update* Our home study was finally officially approved today!! I am considering driving up to our agency tomorrow to pick it up myself which will save us three days waiting for the agency to overnight it to me tomorrow, which means I'll get it on Wednesday and will overnight it to them on Thursday and they would receive it Friday. And when I say considering that's Sonia speak for probably/definitely. Only three days? Well, that's three days less sweet boy will be spending in the orphanage...and that's worth it to me. Oh, and they kinda have a Cheesecake Factory up there just kinda sweetens the pot ya know.*


  1. I've wanted to try those big ole things! can't wait to hear how they turn out! brave i tell ya.. you are just brave ;o)

  2. Great news on your HS! That's always nice to finally get out of the way.

    I hope your giant cupcake turns I'm cravin' something sweet. :)