Monday, May 31, 2010

The Scouting Trip

Air Force life is never dull, that much is for certain. We've been at our current base for about 11 1/2 months now which can only mean one thing

we are going to be moving.....again.

We are currently in our 8th state in 12 years.

12 months from now a giant truck will pull into our driveway and about 6 men I have never met will begin packing all of our worldly possessions into said truck...including the contents of my underwear drawer...

...which can only be described as, well....awkward.

But you get used to it, really you do.

Thus far this AF ride has been a great one! We've seen and done so much with these kids that we otherwise would probably not have been able to. The kids have handled it smashingly as well.....

so far.

As we are approaching these older pre-teen and teen years we are acutely aware that this life could be more and more challenging as we go for these boys. It used to be we could throw the diaper bag and pack-n-play in the van and a tonka truck or two and everyone was happy. The big boys were happy because they got to play in hotel pools along the way and the twins were happy because my brea....errrr....milk producing vessels were attached to me. So they went where I went and that was enough for them.

So with the knowledge that the move is comin and having some idea of where we may go next we set out to do some reconnaissance....because we are a military family thus we I think we are supposed to use big official sounding words like reconnaissance.

One of our possible options is about 9 hours from us and with a long weekend in front of us we hit the road.

Survey says....

6 Thumbs up. Ok. None of their thumbs are actually up. You'll have to trust me on this. Every single one of us want to pack out tomorrow, underwear drawers and all and move here.

Here are the boys. At dusk. ON THE BASE.

I have arrived. Their own private beach....ahhhhh...I am in love. I am in love with a large government facility and I'm not ashamed to admit it. This beach is right down the sand from their own marina where we can launch our non-existent boat and our non-existent jet ski's.

Jason found about 5 crabs on the other side of the base. See those buildings in the background? That is the HOUSING that faces the water. Hello. I'm Sonia. And I am in love with you. Will you marry me? Can we co-habitate?

So all in all a great trip. This will definitely be on our dream sheet come fall and if we move there then I know four boys that will already be excited(which was the whole point of this reconnaissance mission...oooo, that was very military sounding wadn't it?!). If we move somewhere else then that's ok too... HE's got it all worked out.

Cuz we will go where He sends us.....which is a great song bytheway.
I'd sing it to you.
But I can't sing.
And the Bible says to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
And, well.....though I am excessively joyful....the sounds of singing that arise out of my mouth.....wouldn't describe that as joy per say. More likes kittens wailing.
And the Bible don't say nuthin about singing like kittens wailing.

So you'll have to trust me. Going where He sends us?
It's a beautiful thing.


  1. Looks great! Snag a house for us next door would ya? You know we are headed to your old stomping grounds and there is no beach in sight for miles and miles!


  2. Glad you had a good trip! Unfortunately, you'll be waiting for a while before you find out where you're going next. :( Longer than anyone apparently thinks it will be or wants it to be... It all works out, though!

  3. you move there.. and I am moving in (with you) with my four kiddos, dog, (and bob if he wants to come too!).. we can sleep anywhere- under the kitchen table, in the backyard, in a closet.. s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y.

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