Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waiting on a decision....

Well, I had hoped that we would hear a decision before Friday afternoon.....ya I can perhaps slow the things flying through my brain at Mack 2 down to somewhere around 800mph. But alas, we did not.

Agency #2 is talking to our social worker and our agency about us...well, they tried to talk to them. A privacy release is really what held up a decision late this week. But now they have full permission to ask away so that is somethin!

Sooo, at this point we are anticipating their decision sometime next week.

To be honest...

we are hopeful.

Like, really, really hopeful.

There have been some encouraging signs throughout the week so now we wait.

Wait and see.

Gracious I love watching God work.

It's my favorite hobby. Scrapbooking and knitting ain't got nuthin on this.

*I'm off to go practice my grammar now because I think that I really did just use the words, "ain't got nuthin" in a sentence. Oh my.*


  1. Yup, you betcha! Got any room in that grammar class fir me?

    Say, What are we waiting for? Is it something exciting like approval for another child? I better read a few back posts!

  2. Praying that you will get the answer that you want! It is so awesome to watch God's hand in all of this!


  3. What a way to spend the weekend..... hanging on the edge of your seat...
    Will be praying, friend!!