Monday, May 31, 2010

I've been rejected.

Whew! Just rolled in from a long weekend, had an amazing time. I'll share where we went and why tomorrow just thought I'd pop in and let you know that if you enjoy reading my dribble on this blog that you should know that you are in fact reading the dribble of

a reject.

Yep. That's me.

A reject.

I have been rejected.

Rejected by our Chi*nese Consulate. They decided not to accept my Fed Ex package full of dossier docs.

Nope. Not gonna take em. Didn't open them and then reject them. Nope. Just plain ole turned em around at the door. They apparently don't like Fed Ex this week. Even though their website says they do. Darn it I gotta get better at mind-reading.

-sigh- I haven't felt this rejected since high school when I was asked to the prom at a track meet by a boy from another school....who then brought another date to the prom with him.


True story.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

So this reject will be contacting a courier tomorrow. Decided to spend the big bucks and go that route rather than the USPS...heard some horror stories there so I decided to not risk it...because really, if those documents get lost....

I'd have to start all over....

and the thought of that....kinda makes me want to spew all over my flip flops. And the thought of being rejected again brings me right back to that night at prom...and nobody wants to go through that again.

So according to the lovely lady that I talked to at Fed Ex who, by the way, I said, "yes sir" to in answer to one of her questions....when it turns out she is a female.....whoops........the package should be back to me on Wednesday. Which is actually ok since we are still waiting on immigration approval so no worries. It's all good.


  1. Rejection at prom is no fun!!! Sorry about this rejection, too! What a frustrating set-back!

  2. Okay, being rejected by the Chinese Consulate is sooo not cool. What are they thinking?


    Do they not know that a WAITING mama is no one to mess with? Praying that this is a very short delay.

    Thank you Sonia for your sweet comment on my blog (a while back). I have been reading through much of your blog-- and laughing most of the way.

    Your guys are a handsome group, and little Joseph is so darn cute! I can't wait to see your other little waiting man. What a great big God story you have playing out! Amazing!

    I'm watching the mail for my new Wild Olive shirt! So happy to be a tiny part of bringing your little guys home!!

    Blessings from Texas (from a fellow Air Force wife) ~


  3. OH NO! I am so sorry. I will be praying the courier can get those documents through quickly! Will they be able to expedite them if they "walk in" - I hope so and then you could be ahead instead of delayed! :)

  4. Oh no they didn't! Can't be so. Yes, a courier service is such a we used one for two adoptions. That first adoption...well...we thought we could do it on our own...and actually drove it there ourselves. My brother and SIL were just DTC so you are not far behind them. Oh happy days to come!!

  5. Don't they know not to mess with a Momma in waiting?! Her friends like rejection as much as she does. So you can count on all our prayers for an expedited delivery and full acceptance!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  6. Wow, that is weird! I wonder why the CC*A rejected your package???

    Rejected is definitely NO FUN!!!

    Praying that all goes well {I know it will} using a courier service!!!


  7. That is just plain wrong! Good thing our hope is in Christ and not Fed Ex or USPS!


  8. sigh.
    do you want a photo of the building to throw darts at? it will make you feel better, eh? I have some photos from our mission trip (we swung by CC*A)
    praying for ya!!