Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May the Pancake Be With You.

So to recap,

Sonia lives with lots and lots and lots of boys.

Sonia likes living with boys. Overall they are very entertaining creatures, relatively low drama, easily huggable, high energy and well....just plain goofy.

Sonia likes goofy.

Sonia also apparently likes referring to herself in the third person.

Sonia has figured out that if you keep boys well fed and keep some sporting equipment in their hands they are essentially quite pleased with life.

Sonia likes the simplicity of this.

So because Sonia has already been over the battle with dirt in many, many previous posts she will forgo the dirty results of aforementioned sporting equipment and move on to food.

Ahhh, food.

Sonia likes food.

Imagine her delight when she stumbles upon these from one of her Facebook friends

Luke, I am your breakfast.

I'm pretty sure that with 6 boys these are some type of parenting requirement. I'm also pretty sure I should call my social worker to get a home study update so that she is able to note the presence of Star Wars Pancake Molds in the home.

This is big news. Big, big news.....ok, I don't actually have them yet...but nonetheless, this is outer-galactic.

I'm off now to fight/bake/cook the forces of one D. Vadar.

May the force be with you.
Sonia out.


  1. You crack me up!! Honestly, you make me wish I had more boys :)

  2. THAT is funny!

    found you through Jennifer....

    I have many boys myself(16,13,11)...but added a sister(6) to the mix in 2007 from China.

    nice to "meet" you!


  3. You are so funny- I love your blog!!

    I hope you have ordered those fun things and they'll be delivered soon! My guess is Sonia love packages delivered to her house! I know Jean does!

  4. I love these! I told my boys about these and you should have seen how big their eyes got! What fun!