Friday, May 21, 2010

Wild Olive Adoption Tee!!

I am so incredibly excited to announce that Wild Olive has launched their first ever adoption fund raising tee! We are so blessed to be one of the chosen families to participate in their kick-off of this great program and we need your help!

A portion of every adoption tee sold over the next four weeks will be donated back to us to help off-set some of the adoption costs! How great is that?!

So you get a cute tee
& you get to be part of the journey of bringing these kiddos home!

Are you ready?!

Me too!

All you have to do is head on over here, select your size and style and then during checkout be sure to enter the family code MARTADOPT.

*Please know that if you do not enter our family code in the box, we will not receive any donations from that tee. So we would be incredibly appreciative if you would enter it!*

There are two tees that are part of the fundraiser!

This one

And this one!

Got a sister or a mother or a daughter or a friend or a dog or a pigeon?

Well then they need a tee too!

So click on over here and stock up for Christmas, Birthday's, Casimir Pulaski Day, Tuesday, Saturday, Dental Hygenist appreciation day, whatever! You need some tees!

Thank you for helping to bring our boys home and lookin good while doin it! We appreciate you now go get your cute on!!

*Remember MARTADOPT on either of these two oh so adorable tees and feel free to link back here to spread the word to bring our boys home!*

I think I sound like an infomercial so I'll stop talking but if you order now I'll include a free set of knives for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling!......just kidding.


  1. What a CUTE post Sonia!!!! Can't wait to see these tees sell to help bring your little man home!! GO GOD!!!!


  2. I am a HUGE fan of Wild Olive Tees.
    I simply LOVE the new adoption tee and will order mine now to support your fundraising!
    How cool!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. You are so funny! Yes, I will be getting one! What am I supposed to enter again- just kidding!
    I love it and I love that they are helping families adopt- especially yours!! WooHoo!!

  4. I am always looking for a good excuse to order a new Wild Olive Tee - and now I've got a great one!! I'll pass this along, too.

  5. So glad you found our blog...yours is awesome! Love the tee shirts and your boys. Praying that the YES answer gets you two waiting boys!! I look forward to following your story.

  6. This is so cool!!! Leave to those wonderful ladies over at Wild Olive Tee to come up with such a great idea!!!

    I totally love Wild Olive Tees!! I already have a handful of them....but, I would be more than happy to order another one...(just twist my arm a little harder...he-he!)

  7. I don't know you...but I stumbled here from "Throwing our arms open wide" while surfing the blogs...wanted to try one of these tees anyway so now it's for a good cause! We switched our China adoption to SN last fall and hope to matched sometime this summer (fingers and toes crossed!). Maybe we'll see you in China! Blessings to you!