Monday, May 3, 2010

The Joey Package. Round 1

Well, the time has arrived. A care package will be on it's way to our sweet boy this week. As I have shared before my heart was truly a little conflicted as to when we should first make contact with him. How soon was too soon? How late was too late?

It's a delicate balance we all weave. Wanting to shower our kiddos with necessary items and fun little treats because at this stage it is really all we can tangibly do for them. It's how we care for them when we are an ocean apart.

But at 6 years old, a few months can feel like a really, really long time. So the thought of his little heart hearing about us too soon and beginning to wonder if we were ever actually coming was what was holding me back from sending anything just yet.

Well, open the floodgates cuz this momma just can't stand it anymore.

What pushed me over the edge was the thought of, "What if he knows already? What if he's been told by his foster family that someone is coming for him? What if he is sitting over there wondering who on earth is going to be his family?" And to have nothing but silence emerging from this end is just not ok for me.

So I proudly present to you....

Care Package Numero Uno....wait....wrong language......

Care Package Number yee:

Batman PJ's

A puppy from Build-A-Bear with a recording in it's paw of all of us speaking some shaky Mandarin.

A cozy Cars blanket

A photo album. So he can see just how crazy this family of his actually is.

A camera, some little treats both for Joey and for his foster family and a couple of self addressed stamped envelopes in case they want to write back to us.

We are using Ann at Red Threads to deliver our package to him since she lives near him. We included a letter that I translated on Goo*gle Translator(I asked Ann to check it first for accuracy, no idea how on target that is. Wouldn't it just be awful if when we meant to say, "We can't wait for you to be here to play with your brothers!" it was translated into, "We can't wait to put dog in roller skates on the stove!" yeah. Never can tell. ) Anyhoo, we also included a list of questions about him that we are hoping to get answers to.

And let me just tell ya. Sitting down and typing a letter to a little boy on the other side of the world who is going to soon be your son....not easy......what on earth do I say?....The feelings, well those I got.....but to try and verbalize those in love with him we are, how we want to assure his little heart that he will be ok.......was no easy task. And don't even get me started on what to say to his foster family who has been taking such incredible care of him....yeah, I have already re-applied my mascara twice need to go there again. Let's just say that putting that love and appreciation into words was not any easier.

So now we wait to get a response back from him/them. If Ann is available to deliver the package in person she will usually take some pictures for you of your child receiving the package as well as get the answers to your questions.

Courier Fee: $30
International Postage: $75
Contents: $55
The look on Joey's face when he opens his box: $Priceless(we hope!)


  1. Ahhh, how sweet! Make sure you just stay away from being sarcastic. My experience with kids that can speak english is that they don't catch on to sarcasm very well. So I could only imagine how sarcasm would translate into Mandarin. I tried being funny one day while working in Ellie's Kindergarten class room. I'm totally not funny to a bunch of kindergarteners. ;-) Seriously though, Joey is one lucky dude!

  2. have you met Laura Wright online yet?? if not i will put you two in touch.. her daughter was 6 when they adopted her (she was also in foster care) and they remain in contact with foster family.. good resource for you! They live in New Orleans currently (Army family) and I just love them to pieces!!!
    signed in with my other blog..