Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 Month Re-Cap!

1 Month Re-Cap here
2 Month Re-Cap here

3 months! Times is just sailing by I tell ya...well, it sails unless you were waiting on some fingerprints....and then it crawls....nay...slugs along.

This last week or two has certainly been the most interesting and unexpected that much I can say for certain.

Month 3, unlike the previous 2 months was much less about completing form such and such and much more about growing in the virtue of patience. Can I tell ya,

I'm about 10 feet tall at this point. I have grown more than I cared too...

but I digress.....

Much of this month was spent waiting for fingerprints to be released from fingerprint purgatory. And then in a completed unexpected turn of events, well, we all know....

He found us.....again.

So now we wait! We wait and see and we watch as God's plan for our lives and the lives of two best friends across an ocean begin to intersect in a mighty way.

Home study completion and I-800A submission happened this month so now we are in the holding pattern and our days of scrambling for paperwork and sending documents across the country are definitely slowing.

I have signed my local Fed-Ex guy up on an internet dating site.

He is missing me something fierce.

I'm hoping he can find some fellowship outside of taking enormous amounts of my money and filling out my overnight air bills.

We'll see.

So that's that! Month 4 will prayerfully include just about...or if I'm pushing it....have USCIS approval to adopt 2 kiddos! The form that nice government worker man will send us is the final piece of our dossier and then we will pass it all across the pond and wait.

...and wait.

And I will grow.

..and grow.

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