Friday, September 24, 2010

Air Force Wife 101

Ok so my fellow AF wives and I apparently have a lot of junk stuff.
Scratch that.
We don't have a lot of junk stuff...we just move
a lot.
And the curtains that fit in your house in California...
probably won't fit in your house in Delaware.
And that marble bakers rack that your husband brought home from Turkey fit just fine in North Dakota...
...but not so much in Washington DC.
And those full size beds that your kids had in Colorado,
are going to have to be traded in for twin bunk beds in Illinois.
And all of those kids that fit just fine in your base house in Arizona...
now have no room in Florida.

Ok, just kidding...we make room for our kiddos...but the junk...and stuff that no longer works in whenever the world we all are now, well
Because soon enough big giant men employed by the local moving company will ring your doorbell at 7am and begin packing all of your worldly possessions including the contents of your underwear drawer and load them up on a giant truck headed to your new destination. Where you will put on a pretty dress and an even prettier smile and meet and greet and start your world all over again because that man you married? Well, he's a brave man. A hero who serves and manages within a week to fly into a war zone and two days later coach a Little League game. Yeah. I love him.

So when I recently put out the neighborhood call for donations for our garage sale fundraiser to my fellow AF wife posse

here...let me just show you.

Aren't they awesome?

Anyone need a vacuum?
Or another vacuum?
Or a bag or 50 of...well, of something.
I haven't even begun to go through it all yet.

Please do take note of the pile's close proximity to THE CEILING OF THE GARAGE.
Gracious that's alotta stuff!

I'm thinking that tagging each individual totally out.
only because I'd like to finish sometime before the age of 65.
So my current plan is pricing categories!
Whatcha think?


  1. Pricing categories or blankets laid out with prices on them and stick the stuff where it best matches a price. Good luck!
    I'd be happy to donate some of our stuff from Indiana that just doesn't work in DC... :) I am looking forward to cleaning out - kinda waiting for a referral and using it as a waiting for travel kind of job.

  2. A friend of mine does a 50cent table, $1 table, $5 table and so forth. She says that's the way to go. Not sure how you keep it straight the when it comes time to collect money tho. Exciting abt all the donations. Hope it brings in lots of money!

  3. I had to have my hubby read this one! He said "Sonia is funny!"

    Just so ya know our conversation 10 minutes ago consisted of "do you think we could actually move to Colorado for your business??" NO, was the answer!

    We have lived in one state all our lives!

    Because of that we have accumulated a lot! Hubby thought the stuff in your garage looked "organized"! He's funny, too!

    Pricing?? I'd keep everything rounded to the nearest 50 cents or dollar- keep it simple!

    Let us know how it goes... I am sure you will! I'm also sure I'll laugh at the post!

  4. When we had a garage sale for the children's home in India, we just said it was a fundraiser and asked people to donate. It was definitely my kind of garage sale (easy) and we made a lot of money for the children's home (over $1200 with a lot less stuff than you have!).


  5. I like the idea of donations. A lot less hassle. You could do kinda like they do on Clean House - price some things and negotiate on others. But, if you did the donation thing, no headaches but for the man taking the $$$. Good luck with this venture!

  6. We did a fundraiser garage sale with donated items as well. It was LOT of stuff! Here's what we did:
    Imade several sigsn with the twins pictures on it that read: Adoption fundraiser! Make an offer!" And posted it on ALl the tables and hanging anywhere in sight.
    I would price the "bigger" items - tv's, microwaves, etc. But for the most part I walked around (with a money apron on) and answered the "how much is this?" question with "make an offer" or "How about $15 for everything in your hand?" I also had lots and lots of plastic bags and brown bags and did the same thing "How about $20 or $25 for the bag?"

    Good Luck!! We had a fun day and made some good money. Oh and we sold COLD DRINKS and Pre-packaged SNACKS! Doughnuts, chips, etc. ;-)