Sunday, September 19, 2010

We've gone big time

Well, we are big time now...
we have a button.

Yeah. I know right?!
How great is that?!
Big, BIG shout out to Kelly at We are Grafted In for her oh-so-sweet offer to make a button for me...
she knows I'm a technological dork..
and she likes me anyway.
That is true friendship I tell ya.

So grab away! Grab our button and help us spread the word about the amazing miracle that is Jacob & Joseph!

If you post our button to your blog leave me a comment and I'll give you another entry in the raffle! Because...well, because raffles are fun and I want you to win stuff! To see all of the off-the-hook prizes click here!

All Glory to Him
and a big thank you to Kelly!
Now here's to praying for a big, LSC filled week!!


  1. done did it.

    do i get xtra credit for being first;)?

    (hey- it can't hurt!)

  2. I added your cute button. Now I should probably do a blog post, too... :)

  3. Love the button! They are just too cute!!

  4. Okay- I'm in- I'm posting your button on my blog! Yippee Jacob and Joseph! Can't wait until you get home!!

  5. Hey Sonia! I just posted your button to my blog! Hope this helps in bringing your boys home. :) {I'll do a post tonight}

  6. I just stopped by to say hi and tell you that I'd be posting about your drawing VERY soon - and I was SO happy to see your button. I'll get that up right immediately now - and a post soon to follow, I promise!!!

  7. I just added your button to my blog. Your boys are precious!

  8. I am somewhat computer challenged, but your button is on my blog!! Get those kiddos home! And I hope you get to see more of their first home than we did!!

  9. So glad you like the button!