Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Prince, the Fed Ex Man

Ya know when you are a little girl you dream of your prince on a white chariot who swoops in, lifts you off of your dainty feet and away you go into Never Never Land
And then you grow up.
And then you grow up and adopt.

And your white chariot dream turns into this

which, upon it's arrival makes your heart pitter-patter,
and it makes your knees buckle.

But then,
your prince emerges from his chariot...
and you swoon.
And instead of a diamond ring,
or a glass slipper
he hands you these.

At which point I got all choked up...
thanked him 400 times more than was necessary,
composed myself
and went into the house.

And then I read the part on the LSC's that say,
"Child's birth parents could not be ascertained."
....and I burst into an ugly cry.
Sheesh! No one warned me that it would say that.
I know that fact of course about their birth parents...
but seeing it there...

I will be ever grateful to those women for choosing life for these boys.
We don't know much
but we know they
And for that we are thankful.

I'm off now to extract the mascara off of my forehead and cheeks.....
I told ya,
ugly cry.


  1. Well, I would say that these "unknown" women were very brave and chose to leave their boys somewhere they would be found. He put His hands on them and brought them to you!! Would you just go get them NOW!!! I can't wait to "travel" along with you! It will be almost as great as being there myself!!


  2. What a beautiful delivery! Prayers for your continued journey!

  3. Girl- you just make my day!! I think you are the funniest person!!

    So sorry about the ugly cry, glad you pulling yourself together!!

    I am also so thankful that these woman choose life for our children!! They are such blessings!

  4. I have chills from your post - so happy and fun - you crack me up!
    Then the part about the loss...and the unknown...and it's so hard. But you know an important fact - your boys are alive and well and you are one step closer to FINALLY bringing them home!

  5. I agree ... you are the funniest! And sometimes I laugh so hard I need to clean up MY mascara and IF I don't laugh, I sometimes cry ... note to self: read this blog before I apply my eye makeup, ha! Congrats again!!!!

  6. You know, another part of the LSC that hit me hard was the check box of accept this child or not. I don't even know why, I mean, we were going to check the accept box, of course, but... Hubby and I both sucked in our breath as I checked the box. I suppose the gravity of what we are undertaking was weighing heavily.
    Woo Hoo, you're on to provisional approval wait now!