Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm still here! I'm still here!

Sheesh! What a week!

John had to leave town for work..beaches of Normandy anyone?...then he came back...I love it when he comes back!
Garage sale stuff is a little overwhelming to me at the moment.....
I have chosen denial.

When your two car garage is absolutely filled with mounds of stuff that you have four days to sort through before strangers ring your bell at 4am, I have found it tis best to just close the door and live in denial.
True story.
Thankfully a dear friend of mine is coming into town on Friday to drag me out of la-la land and get it done help me out..praise the Lord for that!

LSC's are signed and headed to their next stop! 

Care packages for the boys were mailed......and please no one tell my husband how much it cost to mail them...

...my jaw is still on the floor at the post office.

We had our first cold snap...and now there are a few ants trying to make a new home in our house.
I am nesting like a crazy woman which makes the aforementioned ant invasion even less appealing.
Our computers have decided to not cooperate with anything....which makes an online driven homeschool curriculum all the more challenging.....
..not to mention...gasp!....my blog reading and writing!
Priorities after all! Eat-Pray-Blog-Love.....though not in that order.
And I start a new Bible study tonight that I CANNOT WAIT to tell you about.

Our "average of 12 week wait" from now until we land in China time clock has started! Tick tock! Tick tock!
Off to procure more caffeine from my BFF...the coffee pot. 


  1. IF I had a garage, that's what it would look like..... all the time. I have to make do with the "closet under the stairs".

    I don't know what world I have been living in, but I really had no clue you were homeschooling. Is this a new thing???

    Best of luck with the garage sale!

  2. Say hi to my friend, the coffee pot. :) So glad the tock is clicking to bringing the boys home! Good luck with the garage sale. I send up a prayer for you. I'm sure it will be great. Wish I could come buy some stuff... :)

  3. I feel your pain and your overwhelmed state too!! I'm right there with ya!! :) If only we were close enough to enjoy something fun (like a Starbucks) when we're done this weekend!! LOL! I'll pray for your garage sale and you can pray for ours!! :) HUGs!

  4. I used those fixed price envelopes to send care packages and I was actually able to fit quite a bit of stuff into them.


  5. so glad you are still here- whew, I was worried!!

    I love La la land- it is a beautiful place!!

    I saw those starbursts in that package! No, I am not married to a dentist BUT you are looking for some major cavities! I hope you all have good dental insurance!! (JK- the boys will love it)

    Have fun with that Garage Sale!! Hoping it goes well!! We always had a blast when we did them (but they are a lot of work)!

  6. Loving your posts! So excited that your clock is ticking! Can't wait to hear more! Have some coffee for me (no, wait, you've probably had enough of your own...I'll just go make some.)