Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing our son...Jacob Benjamin

It has occurred to me that since they sailed right over PA for him and the C-C-A-A said that they have officially matched him with us that we can share his photos.So it is my great pleasure and honor to fully introduce to you our son,
Jacob Benjamin Chinese name Last name
So as all of you that have been following our drama filled, insane, crazy sauce journey know Jacob recieved a cake yesterday for his 7th birthday. It was also the day he found out that not only was he being adopted but that he gets to come home with his BFF.
That's a big day!
We recieved 21 photos this morning of his party and I am in desperate need of your help.
I just can't tell if they are excited....
...if they are at all happy about what is to come....
..... just take a look and tell me what you think....

LOL! Just kidding! Look at those two!! I'd say it was a Happy Birthday indeed!!

We are in LOVE
They are going to fit right we may or may not be incredibly slightly goofy around here too. 

STILL no LSC's...quickly approaching 60 days......but we won't dwell on that.....ahem....much.
So for now we'll just focus on these two...
Brothers through and through.
Oh happy day!


  1. So glad you posted. How neat to get to see. They look so happy and well, just like regular kiddos. Congratulations! Tracy

  2. Just look at them in their matching blue shirts! What a pair! Joey looks like a tiny little thing! I think they are beyond excited and are ready to have a family and be brothers forever! I too think they will fit into your family just perfectly!



    What was the term you had scratched out regarding your journey? I do believe it was crazy sauce . . . make that crazy sauce with icing (and some beautiful Chinese fruit on top)! They both belong in your family, Sonia--is it soooo obvious, or what? Cutenesss times two! Happy Birthday Jacob Benjamin! Happy "you have a family" day, too!!

    I'm tickled beyond words for you Sonia . . . and I'm thinking you might just want to batten down the hatches before you board that jet plane to China. Jut sayin'.



  4. How great to have pictures to focus on now! They look SOOO happy and are gonna fit right into our crazy crew!! Can't wait to meet them! Bobbie

  5. Wow, they look so happy, sweet, excited, get the idea. I know your heart just flutters when you think about what is in store for you.

  6. The for sure are having a blast! How neat that he found out on his birthday that he is going to have a family too with his BFF!!!

  7. Oh my Lord, they are so adorable and look like they are going to be great fun!!

  8. LOL!! I love it! They are adorable!! really adorable!! Goofy, silly and funny, too but just as cute as can be together!!

    Something tells me they will fit in perfectly with your family!!

    How did HE know!

  9. They look like a couple of goof balls! They will fit right in with the others you have!! Love the pics. Welcome to our family! Does that mean a couple of more I Spy Quilts to be made to help them learn English?

  10. Oh my goodness what a couple of hams! They look they are all boy, love it! (my Spencer can't take picture wihtout a goofy face, ha, it's his signature look) Can't wait to see the pictures of all your boys together soon. I have been thinking of them today - that they KNOW they are coming home together, amazing!

  11. now you can update your sidebar pic of boy #6! :) Those pictures really say it all, don't they?! So Cool. Congratulations Mom!

  12. what an amazing journey this has been to follow! What a blessing for your family and for these sweet brothers and friends! Can't wait to see them home!!! Praying for these two to get home quickly!

  13. What an AMAZING story you have...SO VERY BLESSED!! I can't believe the pictures and YES, your 2 newest sons look like they can be pretty goofy and fun loving :) I"ll be you can't wait to hear their laughter fill your house!

  14. Those two are so funny. My first thought was, "I'm glad you already have 4 boys to get you prepared for what's comin'!" It's gonna be such a joy.


  15. One million times CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. LOVE the pictures!!!! And I really, really hope you keep bloggin' once the boys get home, 'cause your house is going to make mine seem like a piece of cake!!!!!

  16. Congrats congrats congrats.. i can just hear you now, see your face and feel your joy! so incredibly happy for you and john and the fam.
    i really love that last photo! cant' wait for these next few months to go by (although we should wish our life away) so that we can all see you in China with your newest blessings!
    just so excited for you!

  17. Oh how exciting!!! We are home now so Ms Alexis can add number 6 to the header. :) She might even want to use one of the new pics. :)