Monday, September 20, 2010

I Hung Up on our Agency.

You read that right.
I actually hung up on our adoption agency today.

I don't know about you but I am a creature of glorious planning.
Let's peak into Sonia's head for a moment shall we?
Ok here goes.
In my head our phone call about these LSC's would come at around 8:30am.
Just as I was wrapping up my quiet time with the Lord, fully engrossed in the Word, a fresh cup of coffee steaming in the cool crispness of the morning in the backyard.
And the phone would ring.
And I would answer the phone at which point flowers would bloom, birds would sing, the heavens would open up and a sunbeam would shine directly down upon me.
It's a big fall from waaaayyy up there in high expectation land.


I'm not kidding.

My birds chirping, sunshine moment occurred today instead at exactly 4:38 in the middle of the Stuff-Mart where I was letting Justin pick out a new book as a reward for sleeping through the night for the first time in 3 months.
And that would have been all well and good....
....if I didn't hang up on her.

As I think I mentioned before I gave up my iPhone a few months ago to save $$ for our adoption.
And if we could just stop and explore that for a moment. Here are my thoughts:
Going from no iPhone TO an iPhone.
Going from an iPhone TO NO iPhone...
the exact opposite of glorious.

I now have a cheap, rebuilt, piece of junk phone that barely works and is overly sensitive. If you breathe wrong or blink too many times while handling it, it will malfunction.
It's great fun.

-and now the rest of the story-
So there I was, the middle of Stuff-Mart
and the phone rings.
Thinking it was a teenager of mine requesting that I  pick up even more edible provision I was discussing the merits of choosing between a Magic Tree House or a Weird School Book with Justin all the while searching for my piece of garbage phone amongst the messiest mommy purse you have ever seen.

When...finally....I find it...
and I pulled it out just in time to see our agency's name in the caller ID... which point
I hung up.
I accidentally hung up on my Jessa.

And then as further proof of this phone's awesomeness, I couldn't get it to dial the number back.
Not cool.
Way not cool.
Or as my kids would say...
Epic Fail.

Sooooo, that brings us to this
the update that sweet Jessa was trying to give me before I couldn't apparently be bothered to answer the phone correctly:
Our LSC's were mailed from the CCdoubleA on
September 15th.
At which point a typhoon or something decided to strike China....

I think I shall pen a book entitled "How not to lose your mind in the middle of a Chinese adoption where ridiculous things happen to you time and time again."
Catchy no?

So our coveted forms are SOMEWHERE between here and the continent of Asia.
Where exactly?
Well, Jessa's workin on that.
Perhaps next time she calls I will give her the courtesy of...I dunno...maybe answering the phone?
That's what I know.

And if anyone sees my iPhone please tell it that I am so sorry that I disconnected it and that I miss it terribly.
Thank you.


  1. You kept me guessing a long time. I thought you were saying that you lost your temper and hung up on purpose. So, in that light, you are still wonderful and really just had epic phone fail. It could happen to anyone. I will pray for you, but you are already very prayed over. Blessings to you and yours my friend!! Lisa

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that made me laugh girl!!!!! i'm actually still shaking my head laughing..

    adoption is not for the faint of heart my friend-- oy- i think you would agree that giving birth to twins was easier and less painful!!! BUT and i know this is cliche, but it IS true-- when and it is WHEN you hug those boys for the first time, all of this will melt away like well-put on make-up on a hot humid day in China...

    and really??!! there's a typhoon over there?

  3. Hahahaha- we ll I am glad it wasn't a slam the phone down on the receiver type of hang up- I was a little worried for you!

    At least this so called LSC is in transit- of course it is on a very slow boat on it's way to America but sounds like it's on it's way.

    Praise the Lord- I'll be doing more praising once it's in your hot little hand!

    Be sure to let us know!

    I've taken a tumble like that a time or two- lesson learned- no dreamin of how it might happen...

  4. have certainly taken the typhoon drama and turned it into a bit of fun though I know it's NOT what you wanted to hear. UGH! Praying the next call from sweet Jessa is one saying they FOUND IT!! :) And you DON'T hang up on her! LOL!!

  5. Oh! You are hilarious, girl! I hope you get your LSC's tomorrow! How dare that typhoon!?

  6. Oh my goodness that was so funny!!!! I do hope those LSC's come soon!!!! Blasted typhoon:)

  7. Oh my. Sorry for the tumble . . . the hang-up . . . the phone dysfunction . . . and the utter stress caused by all of the above. Prayerfully the typhoon recovery will happen quickly for China, and your LSC will show up SOON! The good news is there IS an LSC!! Now to find it . . .



  8. P.S. I was just thinkin' that ASAP in Chinese must translate to After Several Agonizing Postponements.

    Lord, please bring the LSC out of hiding As Soon As Possible!!

    Blessings to you Sonia, it's gonna happen . . .


  9. LOL! I can relate. Ms. Alexis has a nicer phone. Chocolate Touch. Fits her perfectly. Honestly, I'm happy with my little phone that does nothing. And the purse,..yeah..can relate. That is why I carry the phone in my pocket.
    Oh how I hope you are in China super soon. Just like labor and delivery, you won't remember all the 'labor' of getting these boys home. Well, you will remember but it won't seem so 'painful.' Oh how we forget. :)

  10. Too stinkin' funny.

    It is a crazy roller-coaster, isn't it?

    My goodness.

  11. You are too funny! We have all been there!!

    Hang in there. I remember the stress of trying to get to China. At times, it's almost more than you can bare. Just know that "this too shall pass". I know, easier said after the fact. Yep, but you will get there! I think it's amazing that you are going to get those 2 precious boys. What fun they will have growing up in that house full of boys!! Amazing!!

  12. Thanks, again, for giving me a great laugh!!!
    And it IS thrilling to know those LSCs are trying to make their way to you. Can't wait to see the pic of the FedEx guy coming to your door!!!

  13. Okay girl I do love your writing ... I do. BUT this time I scrolled to the bottom, ha, didn't even bother with what I knew was a good story. Nope. I was skimming for those words LSC!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT .... you really should write a book, oh my word. So now I have gone back and read ... can so relate, I am using my teenagers OLD phone - what is up with that???
    I am praying those LSC will show themselves TODAY!!!