Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another prize added!!

My dear friend Yvonne has generously donated a Scentsy Warmer to be given away for our raffle!!
Can I get a woot-woot?!
We merciously have had a Scentsy warmer for quite some time and it masks the smell of sweaty boy fills our home with luscious fragrance.
Along with this warmer she is including 3 fall-themed scentsy bars!
Check out the rest of the Scentsy collection here! 
Thanks Yvonne!


  1. Oh I love this!! So many scents it could mask and give this Momma some peacefulness!!

  2. AHHHHH i love the pictures on the header and sidebar. They look perfect ...
    Can't wait to see your crazy crew all together my friend.

  3. we are all about helping bring children home ... email me at and we will send ya a 147 shirt for your give away to help !!! blessings, Gwen

  4. Hey Sonia! Just found your blog from Cheri's blog ;) Your boys are gorgeous...all of them! I know you can't wait to bring your two little ones home too! We just received PA for our little guy also from Guangdong! :) Such fun!!