Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After the drama of yesterday with the phone call,
we went home
had dinner
had family time
and then sent the twins up for showers.

And then.
And then I went up to tuck them into bed. 
It was at the point at which I was sitting on Jack's bed reading Henry and the Paper Route that I glanced over at Justin who was apparently ignoring my reading in favor of reading his newly purchased book from StuffMart.
And then it hit me.
We. didn't. pay. for. that. book.

He used to be so young.
So cute.
So innocent.

Just kidding. It wasn't his fault. He had been sitting in the cart the entire time in StuffMart surrounded by groceries, happily reading away. My head was in China and my mouth was making polite conversation with the cashier...
at which point we finished our grocery purchases...
and walked out.


You guys must understand...I am a rule follower.
I cross the street only in the crosswalk and only at the appointed time even.
I'm tellin ya.
Rule follower. That's me.

So today he and I drove ourselves right back to StuffMart with the stolen book and ever so kindly explained to a cashier our error.
All was forgiven and she thanked us for our honesty.

And to think they are about to entrust two more children into our care.


  1. Just take it as a good parenting opportunity to teach (more) about honesty. I got into it (not really) with the guy at the Wendy's drive thru last week. I tried to tell him he gave me $1 more in change than what I should have and he fought me on it. Then he saw the receipt, realized I was right and thanked me for my honesty and offered me a free frosty. It was $1 but we can always take the opportunity to teach our kids about the importance of being honest.

  2. Justin's my FAV!! Way to go Justy!!
    Daddyo... :_)

  3. I just did that with a box of colored pencils. I took my kids back in the store and explained that I forgot them in the cart. Yeah, they were only $1.00 but it was worth a million for my kids to see the honesty.

  4. our mistakes make teachable moments for our little ones {and big ones, too}! :)

    I think my kids learn the most from me when I mess up and have to tell them that I'm sorry.

  5. Sonia,

    I'm thinking the miracle at this point--with all you have going on-- is that you actually remembered that you hadn't paid for the book! I'm impressed. All is good and Justin will never forget the lesson you taught him on the return trip--nor will he ever let you forget it either! :)



  6. we did that just recently in China at a stuff-mart-- Noah had a bag of cookies he was molding into a different shape and it made him happy- which was a rare thing then- and bam- we were out of the store before we realized it!!!

  7. I am rolling right off this chair laughing my head off!!!! Oh girl....you need some...THING...I'm not sure what...but some.thing!! You and I are soo much alike...rule follower #2 here!! I'm sorry...I'm still laughing here. I'm so thankful that we have a God who laughs with us, too! I know HE fully believes you can handle two more sweet ones in your care! NO DOUBT! Just keep teaching 'em that it's best to pay for things BEFORE you leave the store and not afterwards! HUGS!! (giggle, giggle)