Monday, February 14, 2011

Around the World in 16 days With 6 Boys.

I thought you might like a glimpse of what it was like flying halfway around the world with 6 boys in case you ever want to try it.

Yep.  That's pretty much what it was like.
Jordan making new (girl)friends wherever he goes.
A little Poptropica on the internet during layovers.
My little best friends....the in-flight entertainment systems.
There was a lotta food, a lotta giggles, a lotta sleeping and a whole lotta this

I almost think it'd be worth doing again just so I can sit down for 16 hours straight and have people feed my children.
.....But then I remember the jet lag and well.....
let's not go there again.


  1. Love this! I agree...the flight is nothing compared to the jetlag!! I think my jetlag was the worse than any childbirth I ever had! :) Glad you're past it!!

  2. Looks like everyone enjoyed the flights. The jet lag, not so much, huh? Not looking forward to that part!

  3. I will be contacting you for more advice when we get closer to traveling. We (just Tim and I) had a hard time traveling to China by ourselves...I cannot imagine doing it with our 2 boys, let alone 6!! You are a super mom!!!

  4. Oh heavens. On our memorable trip home (or rather to San Francisco...home would be on the OTHER coast) the plane had NO personal entertainment system. Just one large projector at the front that no one could see showing some "hometown" favorites. Still trying to put that whole experience in a repressed memory somewhere....

    And I LOVE that shot of Joey and Jacob in front of the window! Miss you guys!

  5. Oh wasn't it wonderful! I only brought 5 kids home, and only 3 were boys they at least don't have to potty every 1/2 hr...girls are always up for a walk around the plane.
    regular feeds were great,but having my kids in 3 different rows was not as nice.
    I actually would prefer jet lag to c- section...just sayin

  6. It brings back memories of our crew going to China in July- it was so hot! We had 4 kiddos and Katie who often announced to us she needed time alone- excuse me? What??

    It was fun but exhausting!

    Tell Chris above that c-sections are easier (I had 5 c-sections)- not the pregnancies though(they did me in). I remember saying- they are sucking the life right outta me!

    I'll take jet lag!